When I saw the meeting of the POTUSes yesterday it started me thinking. I realized this is why we conservatives glorify Ronald Reagan. None of these guys are conservatives. Some of them have elements of conservatism, but none of them are actual conservatives.

Carter is perhaps the worst President in history and has only tarnished his legacy with his comments on Isreal. I live in Georgia and my daughter is currently taking Georgia history. I cringed when I read her curriculum plan. (Yes liberals I actually pay attention to what my child is being taught. I don’t depend solely on the”almighty state” to manage my child’s education.)

HW Bush was more conservative, but raised taxes. He also raised government spending so dramatically that it was easy for Clinton to reduce government spending.

I’m glad Clinton did reduce government spending. That was a nice bit of conservatism. However, Clinton’s example of immorality, lying, and cheating from the most powerful office in the world was a disgrace. It would have been one thing if he immedatiately came out and said he made a mistake. However, he only apologized after he was caught. That is not a repentant person. He also left soliders to die. Kind of hard to forget that one.

W Bush may be the most reviled by both sides. Liberals hate him because of the war. Conservatives hate him because he ran on conservative principals, even acted conservative in many ways, such as freeing an oppressed nation, but when things got tough on the US economy, Bush folded went liberal-socialist.

Obama was the most liberal senator in 2007 and plans on an “economic stimulus” package that Harry Reid pegs in the range of $800 million-$1.3 trillion! Obama does not plan to stop there. The national deficit is projected to be $1.2 trillion this fiscal year and Obama said he expects “trillion-dollar deficits for years to come”! Of course he probably doesn’t believe it’s our money anyway, much like this guy.

What happened to the actual conservatives? This is why we yearn for the days of Reagan.