Bill’s Oval Office memories


Filed Under General on Jan 8 

Yesterday, all four living Presidents met for lunch at the White House to wish the incoming President well. Yes, it was kind of historic as the last time this happened was in 1981.

Now I haven’t ever been to the actual Oval Office. I’ve been to the replica at Reagan’s Presidential Library in California and can tell you it’s a pretty interesting room. I’m sure each occupant of that office has a favorite sculpture, painting, or fixture to which they became attached during their respective presidencies.

What did Bill Clinton notice most about W’s Oval Office furnishings? Well, I’ll let the man speak for himself:

I just love that rug.

To be certain, its not the rug which covered the floor during Clinton’s tenure. That said, I find his attachment to the rug just a bit odd. Then again, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.