Roland Burris 

Should Roland Burris take the US Senate seat of Barack Obama? I mean, he’s not guilty (yet) of any wrong doing. He’s arguably a competent politician, being a former AG and all that. Even though his governor looks and acts like a Russian slum boss, he himself has done nothing wrong…I think. I mean it is Chicago, after all.

So should he get the seat? Does the inimitable Harry “left my last three brain cells in Vegas” Reid have any valid grounds for blocking it? Blago doesn’t think so; what say you, PD crew?

One the one hand, he’s African American, and that could look dicey for the Dems to reject him. On the other hand, Blago is giving the double-barreled version of flipping the bird to the Dem leadership and acts like he’ll be governor of Illinois till Antarctica completely melts, which doesn’t sit well with Team Obama. They want their sycophants to fall on their own swords, not be pushed onto one (see Bill Richardson for exhibit A on how to self-sacrifice for the Oba-wan).

So sling those opinions like swords; whip those metaphors like halberds in a Mel Gibson medieval flick. Hack away to your hearts’ content. Let’s see who wins the day on this one.