The Barack Bar


Filed Under General on Jan 5 


While passing through our nation’s illustrious capital via Dulles Airport after our vacation, my son Eddio Jr. alerted me to the latest craze in Obamamania at one of the news and candy stands – the Barack Bar. No, I don’t mean the alcohol-involved kind, nor anything involving a strip club; this is of the (literally) chocolate persuasion. Imagine that: this could be my first taste of the new presidency.

After I spied the eye-popping price of $4, I didn’t want to bite at the opportunity. I was wondering if this was how the bailout bill was going to be funded. But the temptation was too much; I reconsidered. After all, how many times will this small-town boy be passing through big city international airports? (Answer: about as often as I am hitting a deer with something other than my car.)  So I plunked down the money, snatched up a bar, and downed it in no time at all (with a little help from the rest of the Eddio clan).

My official verdict: I found it creamy, a very smooth texture. The chocolate was light, not that dark at all. No nuts or other odd items tossed in. It got a little messy – melted in my hands very quickly, so I needed to speed up the eating process; no lingering for long on any one piece. Before I knew it, it was gone. Nothing unusual, striking, exotic, or bold about it. If it wasn’t chocolate already, I’d say it was pretty vanilla, all things considered.

In fact, there was really nothing special about it at all. Just an average, run-of-the-mill chocolate bar. The only unique thing about it was the $4 price tag.

Maybe that is a sign of the next four years after all…