Let me get this straight. We are supposed to believe that a guy who effectively started his political career in a room with, among others, Bill Ayers and grew in up in politics as part of the Chicago machine had no connection to Rod Blagojevich and his attempts at bribery also knew also nothing about Bill Richardson’s “alleged” attempts at bribery? Wow. According to MSNBC:

Aides to both men insisted Richardson made the decision to withdraw and was not pushed out by Obama. But one Democrat involved in discussions over the matter said transition officials became increasingly nervous during the last couple of weeks that the investigation could become an embarrassment to Obama, who ran on a clean government pledge.

I believe this was Richardson’s decision for about two seconds. Of course he was pushed out by Obama. Richardson doesn’t officially have the job yet! So Obama “ran on a clean government pledge” yet his “advisers” lie about whose choice it was for Richardson to quit. Richardson’s real sin in Obama’s eyes was getting caught.