Despite all the visceral hatred poured upon Newt Gingrich before, during, and after his tenure as the first Republican Speaker of the House in nearly five decades, Newt did manage one major accomplishment: He changed the way the people’s business was conducted in what is supposed to be the People’s House.

Prior to the Republican Revolution of 1994, very little was publicly known about how the House of Representatives was run. What we did know came from listening to Newt’s special order speeches from the well of the House, long after the power brokers had gone home for the night.

Do you like the fact that federal law applies to the lawmakers the same way it does to everybody else? You can thank Newt. How about the fact that committee meetings are open to the public and the media? Thank Newt again. How about the ability of the minority to influence legislation? Yeah. Thank Newt.

But don’t get that “thank you” letter written just yet. Within the next day or so, The Pelosi and her storm-troopers are going to rewrite the rules governing the House of Representatives and bring back the good old days of the smoke filled, backroom cesspool deals that haven’t been seen in Washington since the day Jim Wright was run out of town on a rusty rail. For those of you with short memories, Wright was the first sitting Speaker of the House to be defeated in a re-election bid since the Civil War.

And here I thought it would take a few months for the Democrats to over reach.