Found a good live blogging of the Gaza conflict. Aussie Dave, a Australian- Israeli Immigrant to Israel is keeping track ( Dont expect the Palestinian view point)

Meanwhile, on the other side of the scenario, Free Gaza Movement,  most notable member Former Green Party Candidate and ex congresswoman  Cynthia McKinney WAS sending a boat full of MEDICAL SUPPLIES to Gaza and to access the evil of what Israel is doing.

Here is ” THEIR” claim:

So, starting on Gaza. Who does this help?

Israel has the right to self defense, has kept the civilian casualities low, claims to have knocked out 1/3 of the rockets, put soldiers  on the border, got some realy good videos of the airattacks, and done nothing worthwhile.

The thing is not going well. What will be gained? In a while a cease fire will be agreed to, peace, Hamas gets more rockets, bang, starts over again.

Israel could take over Gaza, which they dont want to do, and that would be the only solution to Hamas, but things would blow up in the region.  Invasion would amount to the same thing. Simple… their is no easy, medium easy, or hard easy solution.

I think it is a political stunt. Kadima party Tzipi livni, and Labor Party candidate Defense Minister Ehud Barak were suffering on political opinion on regards of who could defend Israel from Iran and the rest of Israels many problems. At that  Moment, Likud Party candidate and former prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu, was ahead.

It looked like Barak was gaining in the last two days, but I have a feeling that its going to change. Watch the Israeli Blogs and newspapers this week, many are starting to realize this is  a war they cannot win. Frustration will grow, and Barak and Livni will be targeted.

Meanwhile, Israel warships really circled a ship, fired at it and then rammed it????

Israel claims they tried to run a blockade, refused to respond on the radio. No truth to the rumour that the peace activist fought back tossing paint and human hair.

Sounds to me like they either accidentally bumbed the ship, or the activist bumbed the navy trying to get out.  And someone is lying about machine guns firing.

Just get over with it, my head hurts.