Most of you know I wear multiple hats in my professional life. And unless you’ve been sequestered on the OJ Simpson jury you know much of my life is consumed with writing and promoting my novels. (Yeah yeah, I know the OJ joke is 15 years late, but PD didn’t exist then so I should get a one-time waiver.)

Of all the perks of my very unglamorous life, the most rewarding is being the first to hear the many real-life accounts of Christmas Jars being given and received anonymously this time of year. Each year I hear more and more stories as the tradition spreads. Most of these come via e-mail and are posted on my blog.

Take a second and read a few. I promise a smile on your face, a lump in your throat, and an inescapable desire to check your couch for spare change.

Merry Christmas from the Wrights and everyone at PD. Here’s to a politically intriguing 2009. (and world peace, health, happiness, blah blah blah)