Rahm hears footsteps


Filed Under General on Dec 22 

In a good football game, a defensive player might get a dream shot at a quarterback once. This play would be where the defender bowls over his offensive blocker and has perhaps a three to five yard run at a quarterback whose back is turned.

I’ve always wondered what runs through a quarterback’s mind in the split second before the defenders shoulder pad impacts with his lower back and he gets “bent in half”. Does he hear the roar of the crowd? Does he hear the footsteps and realize they’re not those of his blocking back?

Whatever those thoughts may be, I’m sure they’re quite similar to Rahm Emmanuel’s thoughts as he racks his memory in search of just exactly what he said to disgraced Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich regarding the sale of Obama’s senate seat.

So was it one call? Twenty-one conversations? Perhaps we’ll just settle on “multiple occasions”.

Regardless of the actual number, whatever conversations Rham had with Blago are on tape. Its only a matter of time before the transcripts are leaked to a scandal hungry media that will be unable to ignore the salacious details – even if all they talk about is the best place to get a good Chicago pizza.

If the past is truly indicative of the future, Rahm should remember that anyone who brings unneeded scrutiny or embarrassment to Team Obama doesn’t stay on the bus very long. Then again, maybe Rahm has already figured this out as he has yet to resign his seat in Congress.

When this story first broke, my money was on Jesse Jackson Jr. being the first to be tossed under the Team Obama bus. An argument can be made that Jesse Junior’s chances of being appointed to Obama’s seat mirror those of the devil taking up downhill skiing. That said, I find it interesting that Jesse Junior had been ratting out Blago to the feds “for years”.

One has to wonder why he and Rahm didn’t have a chat about this.

Setting aside the sewer that is Illinois backroom politics, I’d now lay even money that – depending on how “illustrative” the wiretap tapes are – Rahm doesn’t make it to the White House.