A few more days pass and the details of (soon to be former) Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich’s senate seat auction plan trickle out. Let me just say that if a person under investigation manages to “shock” the FBI agents listening in on the wiretap, that’s not a good sign. I’m fairly certain the Chicago FBI office is staffed with veteran agents who’ve seen just about the lowest of the low. I think about the best the current Illinois governor can ask for is to be bunked with the former Illinois governor. He’s serving at 15 year stint as a guest of the Illinois Department of Corrections.

Late yesterday, the President-elect held a press conference and managed to bob and weave his way just about clear of the Blagojevich matter. Almost. Here’s a clip of Obama, flanked by SlowJoe Biden and Algore. Even I could look brilliant flanked by those two. But I digress.

At about the 3:10 mark, Obama condescends to respond to the only question anybody wants to hear answer to. He claims to have had no contact with Blagojevich, but stops short of the word “whatsoever”. This is an important distinction. Why? Because, as always, the devil is comfortably ensconced in the details.

Whenever I want details of the murky minutiae unique to Chicago-rules politics, I turn to Rick Moran. His most recent post delves into gutter of who’s who in Illinois and dissects the complaint filed by the US Attorney’s office against Rod Blagojevich. Read the whole thing for yourself, but the fact of the matter boils down to this very important fact: Somebody on Team Obama was “negotiating” with Blagojevich.

So, here’s the question for today: Who will be the next Obama staffer/advisor/supporter to join Tony Rezko, Jeremiah Wright, the entire congregation of Trinity United Church of Christ, most of Obama’s VP selection crew, and a whole host of campaign staffers as part of the undercarriage of Team Obama’s bus?

Right now, my money is on Congressman Jesse Jackson, Junior (co-chair of Team Obama) with David Axelrod as a close second. Just for fun, I’ll give an (less than) honorable mention to Rahm Emmanuel.

What think ye?