Premature presidential worship


Filed Under General on Dec 5 

I got a phone call yesterday from a rather irate PD commenter/guest contributor (Rick B.). No, he wasn’t lamenting my sparse posting as of late. He had just received an email from the school district which to both our families send our young skulls full of mush to get what passes for a public education.

The email informed the reader that, after deliberation at the previous night’s meeting, the school board had decided to cancel school on January 20, 2009 – Barack Obama’s inauguration day. As I live in a Northern Virginia suburb which houses a rather large contingent of federal employees, this action doesn’t really surprise me. Most feds have the day off anyway due to the fact that just breathing in DC on Inauguration Day will be a colossal undertaking.

What really irritates me is the school board’s second action. In order to “make up” for the day given to commemorate Obama’s ascension to this nation’s highest office, school will be in session on President’s Day.

President’s Day is a day meant to honor all those who have served as this nation’s Chief Executive, but specifically George Washington – who was instrumental in founding this nation – and Abraham Lincoln – the man who saved the union. Both of these great men are appropriately honored with monuments on the National Mall and various other locations around the country. Without the actions of both of these Presidents, the United States would not exist as it does today.

Until recently, America honored its heroes for great things which they had done in building up, defending, or otherwise aiding the nation. To my knowledge, never has anyone – President-elect status notwithstanding – been so lavishly honored by so many before said individual actually took office.

Here’s a smattering of honoraria rendered unto Obama since winning the Race for the Oval one month ago:

Sanjae Obama Fisher was born on November 4, 2008 at 2:35 PM local time. I’m pretty sure the polls weren’t even closed by then.

Ludlum Elementary School in Long Island’s Hempstead Union Free School District will henceforth be known as Barack Obama Elementary School. Robert Ludlum was unavailable for comment.

Surveying crews have been spotted on the National Mall in Washington scoping out appropriate locations for the Obama Memorial. Geologists have been dispatched to South Dakota to assess whether or not Obama’s likeness can be added to Mt. Rushmore. Ok, I might have made one or both of those last two up. You never know.

Barack Obama’s ascension to the Presidency is, indeed, historic. In the final analysis however, all he has done thus far is win an election. He comes into Washington with quite possibly the thinnest resume of any man ever to sit in the Big Chair. Until January 20, he will not have actually had any responsibility to implement the high soaring rhetoric for which he is so famous.

Now I realize that Obama is most likely not behind all this premature hero worship being lavished upon him. I’m sure he gets all the worship he can stand during his never ending press briefings. That said, this pre-presidential honoraria makes about as much sense as having an NFL quarterback inducted into the Hall of Fame at Canton before he even takes a snap.

As for me, this President’s Day I’m going to take my kids out of school and we’re going to trek up to George & Martha’s place – commonly known as Mt. Vernon. Perhaps Obama should do the same thing. Then he’d realize just how big the shoes are he has to fill for the next four years.