Master interrupter and the host of MSNBC’s “Hardball”, Chris Matthews, may not be with the cable network much longer, if the stories of his desire to run for the Senate in the state of Pennsylvania are true.

Matthews seems poised to challenge RINO incumbent Arlen Specter in 2010. Specter, he of “single bullet theory” fame, is a political survivalist, having outlasted attempts from the extreme left and extreme right to take his seat. Specter is coming off his second bout with cancer earlier this year, and despite his moderate stance, could be vulnerable if the current environment that favors Democratic candidates.

Or will it?

Matthews has veritable treasure trove of recorded quotes, comments and stands from his days as a television host, which would undoubtedly be rocket fuel for Specter, and even for any potential rivals for the Democratic nomination.

I don’t think Matthews has much of a chance to unseat Specter, let’s face it, it’s actors-turned-politicians (See Reagan, Ronald and Schwarzenegger, Arnold) that do well, not former-journalists-turn-politicians.

I wonder who MSNBC would tap to fill Matthew’s time slot if he were to leave?

Bill Clinton, you aren’t doing much the next four years, are you?