• Daphne L

    Obama to himself…”I’ve always hated that woman!”

    Clinton to herself…”I’ve hated this man since I met him!”

  • Brian H

    Obama: “I got your 3AM phone call right here.”

  • Dave

    Clinton: (Evil Laugh) (A even greater more louder laugn) (So Loud that Both Obama and Mac turn to look.)

    Obama to himself: Why is she laughing like that, whats the joke?

    Mccain: Last time I saw that kind of reaction from someone was right before one of my buddies at POW camp stabbed his guard and ran wild.

  • Troy La Mana

    Hillary to herself, “Men.. too easy”

  • mary enos

    I can’t believe I was forced to have her as my secretary of state!

  • kristen

    Clinton to herself: “This is all going according to my plan……” (Insert evil laugh)

  • kristen

    Obama to himself: “I’m going to watch her like a hawk.”

    • Gary Russell

      Hillary to herself: “I can’t believe this dolt thinks that he can watch me like a hawk!”

  • JE

    The 3 top presidential vote getters shown in order of who actually is in control of washington.

    • Gary Russell

      Can’t argue with that one, JE.