Al Franken, in his effort to steal the Minnesota senate seat from Norm Coleman is challenging the ballot seen here:


Is it a scribble? Was it crossed out? Maybe it’s a chad. Hanging chad anybody? I’ve got it! It’s a pregnant bubble!
The nightmare continues.

Read the report in the StarTribune.


  • Troy La Mana

    The only one trying to “disenfranchise Minnesota voters” is Franken.

    • J

      Both candidates are challenging for votes, so I would say both are trying to “disenfranchise Minnesota voters” under that idea.

  • Frank

    You people will elect anybody!

  • Tobias

    Franken is going to win this one fair and square. They’ve both made some ridiculous challenges, and those will be put back into the vote totals after the recount is finished.

    Coleman’s attempts to disenfranchise Minnesota voters will fail, and Senator Franken will be sworn in, putting a patriot back in that Senate Seat to replace Wellstone.

    • Gary Russell

      Again with the “patriot” tag.

      That’s FAR funnier than anything Franken EVER wrote for SNL.

      Patriot – Franken????

      It is but to laugh.

    • Alaina

      Can you explain why you like Franken?

      If Franken would have run for President, I may have been more anti-Franken than I was anti-Obama… maybe.

  • German Observer

    Certainly there is not much debate, that this vote is intended to go for Coleman.

    But the connotation, that Franken tries to steal the election by challenging this vote is pretty biased, isn’t it. There is a nice compilation under this link, which displays that BOTH sides conduct pretty ridiculus attempts to challenge votes:

    Fair enough, that Minnesota has laws, that strongly support the voter’s intent over formal mistakes. So I’m not much worried, that either side “steals” the final result. Would have been nice if Florida back in 2000 had similar laws (and representatives who allowed to conduct them).

    • Stephen Fountain

      Guilty as charged!

      • German Observer

        Sorry, I don’t get this one. As a non native-speaker I’m not that familiar with colloquial phrases.

        • Gary Russell

          Not sure, G.O., but I think that Stephen’s comment was intended as a response to “Red Robin”.

  • Red Robin

    It seems PD stands for Pasted from Drudge this week.

  • Chris

    I love the first comment on the StarTribune site:

    “That’s my vote. I tried to write in Prince.”


    • Gary Russell

      I’m ashamed to admit that I didn’t “get it” when I saw that comment in the StarTribune.

      Now I do.
      That is pretty steenkin’ funny!

      (And, sadly, the person might actually HAVE been trying to write in “the artist formerly known as Prince” – after all, this is a Minnesota voter we’re talking about. Jesse Ventura, Al Franken, Prince – why not?

  • East of Eden

    After Florida in 2000, I am still blown away that all the states have not gone back thru their election laws and rules and taken care of these kinds of potential situations??!!

    It looks like the voter made an X then read the directions and tired to fill in the bubble… I always say to my students, read the directions, on some things there are no do overs!