Would Obama hire Obama?


Filed Under General on Nov 13 

A presidential transition comes and goes like the seasons in Washington DC. Every four or eight years the “new guy” gets elected in November and has till late January to measure the drapes, choose the china, and hire the 3,000 or so people it takes to run the upper echelons of the Executive Branch.

During this time, the President-elect gets the “Area-51” briefing. This is where he gets a sneak peak at the President’s Book of Secrets and is brought up to speed on other important issues known only to the President. Such things include the fact that the real power in Washington DC is held by a four-man cabal operating in secret out of the basement of the USDA building and the Academy Awards are actually determined by National Zoo monkeys throwing darts (with the award names) at a big checkerboard with the names of the eligible movies.

How else do you explain Shakespeare in Love having beaten out Saving Private Ryan for Best Picture?

Obama has already received this briefing – one which he wasted no time blabbing to the assembled worshippers – oops…media – horde. I find it interesting how the AP quotes “aides familiar with the meeting” even though W and Obama met alone, without staff.

Obama is now privy to this nation’s highest and most closely held secrets. He has access to this information solely because of the office he holds. As someone who has personally experienced the taxpayer funded rectal probe commonly known as an SSBI (Single Scope Background Investigation) – required prior to the granting of a security clearance – I can tell you there is no way Barry would hold even the lowest of clearances. The adjudication officer would take one look at the murky finances behind Obama’s home purchase, his dubious associates, and his legion of Chicago thugs and put Obama’s application in the shredder.

So, I must ask the obvious question? Would Obama hire Obama? Well, take a look at the “questionnaire” put forth by Team Obama with the vetting questions to be posed to anyone with even the slightest of dreams of working inside the Obama White House.

So, dear reader, what are your favorite Obama vetting questions?

I’m partial to #14. Evidently Obama would want to pre-vet your diary prior to your first day at the office. I’m pretty sure even the Patriot Act doesn’t go that far.

Oh, and there there’s #18. Did you work for Freddie or Fannie, AIG, or WaMu? Sionara. Yes, Mr. Raines, that means you.

#31 is a howler, but only if you notice the handwritten “Clinton” in the margin. E tu, Barry? Bill Clinton will need a few reams of paper to answer #50.

And finally, #59 – own a gun? Best throw it in the river before applying.