Excuse me whilst I have a heart attack and die from not surprise. The WaPo’s “ombudsman” crunches the numbers and slices the data, but no matter how you massage the spreadsheet, the data screams “bias”.

This comes as no surprise. The only actual surprise is that people at the Washington Post still have the audacity to declare the institution to be objective and non-partisan. Its actually like revisiting a scene from Casablanca where police Captain Renault “discovers” gambling at Rick’s Café Americain. Let’s run that through a 2008 Race for the Oval translator:


Captain Renault: I’m shocked, shocked to find a pro-Obama slant at this newspaper!
Croupier (handing Renault an envelope): Your invitation to the “Inaugural Boogie”, sir.
Captain Renault (softly):Why thank you. Give the President-elect my regards and warm wishes for a successful first term. Be sure to tell him we’ll be around for his re-election campaign.
Croupier: Yes, sir.
Captain Renault: Media bias? What media bias? Nothing to see here. Move along citizens!

Deborah Howell, the Post’s Ombudsman, has admitted the paper’s slant toward Obama. They say recognition is the first step on the road to recovery. Forgive my cynicism, but I doubt the Ms. Howell’s “discovery” will do anything to change the slant of her paper.

At least they’ll always have Paris.