I remain perplexed by people who believe that they are active participants in the political process when they vote for a third party fringe candidate. Here are the current percentages for the 2008 Presidential Election.

Barrack Obama 52.52%
John McCain 46.18
Ralph Nader .54%
Bob Barr .4%
Chuck Baldwin .14%

Two weeks ago I spoke to a colleague who stated that he was casting his vote for Bob Bar, the Libertarian. When I calmly asked him his reasons for sitting out this election he became extremely agitated and defensive, saying “I’m not sitting out the election, I’m growing a party”. I wonder if he is satisfied with the growth of the Libertarian Party following the 2008 election returns.

It is the responsibility of a serious voter to cast his/her vote in a way that will help determine the outcome of the governing body. It is not a serious exercise of civic responsibility to cast a vote for a candidate who has absolutely no chance of winning or influencing the policies that will effect your life. If it is change that is wanted from a party that has gone astray the best way to gain influence is to engage that party from within during the primaries and through local elections. There are many aspects of my party, the Republican Party, that I have grown frustrated with over the years. That is why I will work harder within my party to influence future policies and platforms.

I realize that it is the right of every American to vote their conscience, to send a message and throw away their vote on fringe third parties. I respect their dedication and sincerity, I just don’t understand it.