So, I had myself a good, early cry on Tuesday night, and several large helpings of ice cream on Wednesday. Not because McCain lost, frankly, I’ve never been a huge fan, and after the messes the the GOP has created over the last few years, they deserved to lose, but rather I just didn’t know what Wednesday would bring, besides news footage of women fainting in Grant Park as Obama spoke and the “private citizen” Oprah Winfrey, strutting around like a peacock – no thanks to both of those things. Wednesday came and went, as did Thursday and now were are here on Friday. As I look out my window, the world had not ended, yet, and I really hope that it won’t, and I don’t think it will.

In the last few days as I’ve watched the talking heads on TV talk, many conservatives and Republicans have come on voicing their support for Mr. Obama and how he is now their president. I think this is great, I think this is just what we need to do as Americans. I just wish some of those Americans with a more liberal viewpoint would have done that eight years ago when GWB took the helm – perhaps things wouldn’t be so cantankerous in the nation right now, but that’s a topic that can be debated another day. Like it or not, George W was the President, he’s almost done, so we should just let him finish and quit crying and arguing over him. Like it or not Obama is now going to be the President. – and we should let him start with a clean slate. Let’s at least give him a shot before we throw him under the bus. This is why, when I heard that Impeach Obama groups were popping up on line, I had to roll my eyes, then sneer with disgust.

I just don’t see the point of these groups, I don’t see what good they will accomplish, and I don’t see how adding more rancor to the political climate will help solve any of the problems that the nation faces. Of course I am concerned with some of the programs and policies that Mr. Obama wants to initiate. Of course I am concerned about who he will nominate for the Supreme Court and other judgeships. Of course I am concerned about the fate of the Constitution and the future of the nation. However, I don’t think condemning the man before he has even acted serves much purpose, unless it’s only to add rancor to the political climate. I don’t think this kind of antagonism will solve anything at all, and is the sure sign of a sore loser. The impeachment crowd, on both sides of the isle, needs to get over it and move on!

I hope for Mr. Obama. I hope he can pull of what he promised to do and I hope that peoples’ expectations of him are not too badly damaged when those expectations meet reality. I really wish him the best of luck as he begins the hardest job in the free world, President of the United States. I don’t think anyone is truly prepared for what that job entails. And I hope that all Americans, no matter what their political stripes will at least give him a chance.


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  1. Chris says:

    Question is, in 4 years time, if your worst fears are not realised and by whatever criteria you judge it, you consider the Obama presidency successful, would you vote for him for re-election? Could you ever bring yourself to vote for a liberal?

    • East of Eden says:

      That is a really good question. All “good” that he might accomplish, I couldn’t vote for anyone who endorsed abortion, or gay-marriage. If he still endorses those things in 4 years, then no. And I don’t see him dropping the party line on these two issues either.

      • Chris says:

        I can understand your position on abortion, but gay marriage, why? How does it affect you in any way whatsoever?

        I thought the vote in California (and other places previously) sickening, how can one group of people have the power to decide on the human rights of another group which engages in perfectly legal practises.

        Putting it bluntly, what does gay marriage or any gay rights have to do with you?

        That said, I thought that President elect Obama favoured civil partnerships not marriage for gay men and women, or is this just as bad?

  2. Dave says:

    Its sickening….. I wouldnt want to have anything to do with such a movement. Obama deserves his chance, and I Will oppose him when he is wrong.

  3. East of Eden says:

    See, what happens when I post, then have to leave all day…a nice converstaion ensues…

    All of you made good points, except for that first comment….you guy are stupid for even selling crap like that.

    As for putting my pouty face away, I’m still not happy that Obama won, let me be very clear on that. I don’t agree with most of the things he said, or stands for. But, I will say this I want to give him more of a chance than the pouty liberals have given GWB (whatever your opinon of him is…) over the last eight years. I really think the only way things can get better in our good old US of A is if some one, or one of the sides has to take the high road and get on with life. What has monaing about the 200 election done for the nation for the last 8 years…not a darn thing!

    Who knows how Obama will act once he meets reality, so that’s where I’m taking a chance on him. I hope he can do a good job….I would hope all Americans would hope that as well. We also need to learn that there are winners and losers in life, and that is part of life. The great thing about this country is that in 4 years if he does turn out to be a dud, we can vote for the other guy.

    As for Obama winning by a landslide. I have to disagree with that. The results have him with a squeek in the majority category, which tells me the nation is still a moderate, down the middle kind of place.

  4. Alaina says:

    I might be okay with that, except it would put Pelosi second in line. I really couldn’t deal with that.

  5. Cordeiro says:

    I guess I’m the one left to point out that with Obama impeached that would give us SlowJoe. Are you sure you want that?

  6. Troy La Mana says:

    I wouldn’t call it an “overwhelming majority”

    7.9 million votes isn’t that big of a landslide.

    As I have posted, Obama won by using conservative ideas just as Clinton did in ’92. It won’t matter when the Liberal Left Congress pulls him further and further left. When that happens then nobody is going to get a tax cut, not even the ones who don’t pay taxes. (at least for now)

    • Alaina says:

      Agreed Troy.

      Bush received 51% of the vote in 2004 and “barely” won, but Obama received 52% and it’s a landslide. Nope, no bias there.

      • German Observer says:

        Well, Obama’s number is actually 53% (against 46% for McCain), he also has a difference of 8 million votes for him (Bush in 04 had 3 millions). So, that’s a significant difference. Along with winning the majority in more states and the won senate and house races you don’t have to call that a landslide. But it is a pretty solid mandate.

  7. 2X says:

    Wow, thanks…I think. It is good to see that most conserves are not putting their powty(sp?) faces away and surely, but slowly, coming to grips that yes this is the person that the overwhelming majority of this great nation wants to lead us in these troubled time. By all means hold on to your antiquated beliefs and hold him accountable by the actions he take and the results that will come of them; yet remember him in those time when the ‘damned liberal decsions’ benefit you and your family, particularly from a financial point. Hold your point of view high on the opposing views with his on abortion, gun rights and affirmative action, but give credit where credit is due if the teen pregnancy right declines, less shooting deaths are on the books and the workforce is stronger because it is more diverse. In 2016, when the Obama presidency is over I just ask that you judge him without red colored glasses. After all, like the OUR elected official stated, “I will be you president to”. God bless the United States!

    • kjco says:

      Shooting deaths do not decline w/tough gun laws–DC is a prime example. Tough gun laws (til this yr.)–big gun crime rate, go figure.
      Teens are not the only ones having abortions & abstinence is 100% effective/condoms only 97% ;->.
      Diversity itself automatically makes a workforce stronger? Prettier to look at maybe, but why can’t half the kids,from colleges which put a premium on diversity,read? How is that strength?
      How are those ‘damned liberal decsions’ [going to] benefit [me] and [my]family, particularly from a financial point? I don’t make under $30k & won’t be on the welfare rolls.
      I do pay taxes, & anyone who already does will be paying much more–that’s just letting the Bush tax cuts expire–before adding any of the ‘damned liberal decisions’. How is that going to help me?
      *Low-income taxpayers will go from 10 to 15% rate;
      * Married taxpayers will see the marriage penalty return;
      * Taxpayers w/ children will lose 50% of their child tax credits
      We do not fall into the lowest income category so my “patriotic duty” to pay my “fair share” is going to COST my family a year’s worth of piano & violin lessons, a high school volleyball season, and 2 boys little league seasons. Not to mention eating out, & our subscription to the Washington Post (not crying any tears over that one), but I will have to work so that my oldest can go to college in 2010–up to now we had some to save.
      I thought liberals valued the arts & college? However, the families of my kids’ music teachers are going to suffer because their pupils cannot pay them anymore. Instead I’m handing money over to liberals so they can give it to the Ntnl. Endowment for the Arts. I guess artists get cut off unless they are funded through state sanctioned/sponsored sources. Sounds like the libs are the ones looking through “Red colored glasses”, communist red.

  8. Eric says:

    To call for impeachment is such serious business that the idea that these groups are forming already is abject foolishness.

    Come January, he’ll be my new President, and for the sake of the country I desperately want him to succeed, both morally and as Commander in Chief. At the same time, I hope his left-wing proposals end in dismal failure. I don’t think this is mean-spirited or hypocritical.

    As to GO’s categories, that’s a tough one because we know there will be a difference between his intent and actual accomplishments. Also, try as we might, he doesn’t get a blank slate. I don’t like him or his path to the presidency. I think he’s the worst kind of politician, no matter how skilled he might be. That opinion probably won’t change. But I will teach my children to pray for and respect those in authority.

    I would be pretty impressed, though, if during his administration, the budget was balanced (w/o totally gutting the military) and the country was kept safe.

  9. Alaina says:

    Hey, if he turns out to be a closet conservative on fiscal and foreign policy issues, I’ll be happy.

  10. German Observer says:

    East of Eden, I think this is a great post. Put in fine words, that Obama deserves a fair chance, as he solidly won the elctions, both in terms of the national vote as well as in terms of the electoral college.

    As I don’t know how to open a threat on my own, I’d like to use yours to do a little poll, regarding the coming Obama presidency.

    Given that most of you are dy-hard conservatives and don’t like to see a Democrat in the White house anyway, what are the measures you would judge Obama’s presidency. Let’s form four categorys in which you might put him, after the term:

    1. He was a democrat and one of the worse kind, a real nuthead, even below my bad expectations (as some of you might se Carter).

    2. He was a democrat and met my bad expectations exactly (as some of you would see probably Johnson)

    3. He was a democrat, and I still don’t like him, but hey, he did some things well and the country was solidly managed (as some of you might see Clinton).

    4. Hey, he was a Democrat, but for that he did quite fine (as some of you would probably see FDR or JFK).

    Please don’t cling to the examples, I gave. Everybody might see the names differently, I hope you understand, what I wanted to say.

    But what is your measures to finally categorize Obama at the end of his term? What are the things to watch?

    • dw says:

      LOL! If he is deemed a failure by fellow democrats, that could be a success for me. ;-)

      Seriously, it would be tough for me to rank him a success in general terms. However, I might be willing to rank his handling of individual events a success. But, I’d be judging each of those independently.

      Here are a few items I’d like to see him do, although I doubt he’d even pause to consider them:
      – get the USA out of the UN
      – kick the UN off USA soil
      – abolish the IRS and implement the FairTax
      – eliminate all federal spending on state projects
      – end Social Security (although I would accept replacing it with personal retirement accounts as an interim step)
      – implement a line-item veto
      – eliminate the endowment to the arts
      – eliminate the national education group (whatever it is called)
      – build the fence along the Mexican border
      – streamline the road to citizenship (but don’t give any breaks or free rides to illegals already in the USA).

      I’m sure I could come up with more, but these are a good start.

      Thanks for asking! :-)

      • Tricia says:

        I agree. Don’t judge how he does based on his party. Judge how he does based on his accomplishments.

        Frankly, and this is another issue, but I voted for McCain because of his many years of experience, but I think that many people voted for Obama simply because he’s black. I know that had he lost the election, that everyone would be saying that it was because he is black. But I think that, as nation, we felt that it was time to prove to ourselves that we could see past the color of someone’s skin and vote for them anyway. Now we’re all patting ourselves on the back for being so great that we elected the first black president in the history of our nation.

        Sure, it’s great, and wonderful that our country has come that far, but did we really elect him for the right reasons? I don’t give a hoot what color our president is. He could be purple, for all I care. I want a president that has had decades of experience in the areas needed to assume such a critical role. I just don’t think the majority of America voted for the same reason.

        Now, I hope that in four years, I have been proven wrong. Let him prove me wrong.

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