So, I had myself a good, early cry on Tuesday night, and several large helpings of ice cream on Wednesday. Not because McCain lost, frankly, I’ve never been a huge fan, and after the messes the the GOP has created over the last few years, they deserved to lose, but rather I just didn’t know what Wednesday would bring, besides news footage of women fainting in Grant Park as Obama spoke and the “private citizen” Oprah Winfrey, strutting around like a peacock – no thanks to both of those things. Wednesday came and went, as did Thursday and now were are here on Friday. As I look out my window, the world had not ended, yet, and I really hope that it won’t, and I don’t think it will.

In the last few days as I’ve watched the talking heads on TV talk, many conservatives and Republicans have come on voicing their support for Mr. Obama and how he is now their president. I think this is great, I think this is just what we need to do as Americans. I just wish some of those Americans with a more liberal viewpoint would have done that eight years ago when GWB took the helm – perhaps things wouldn’t be so cantankerous in the nation right now, but that’s a topic that can be debated another day. Like it or not, George W was the President, he’s almost done, so we should just let him finish and quit crying and arguing over him. Like it or not Obama is now going to be the President. – and we should let him start with a clean slate. Let’s at least give him a shot before we throw him under the bus. This is why, when I heard that Impeach Obama groups were popping up on line, I had to roll my eyes, then sneer with disgust.

I just don’t see the point of these groups, I don’t see what good they will accomplish, and I don’t see how adding more rancor to the political climate will help solve any of the problems that the nation faces. Of course I am concerned with some of the programs and policies that Mr. Obama wants to initiate. Of course I am concerned about who he will nominate for the Supreme Court and other judgeships. Of course I am concerned about the fate of the Constitution and the future of the nation. However, I don’t think condemning the man before he has even acted serves much purpose, unless it’s only to add rancor to the political climate. I don’t think this kind of antagonism will solve anything at all, and is the sure sign of a sore loser. The impeachment crowd, on both sides of the isle, needs to get over it and move on!

I hope for Mr. Obama. I hope he can pull of what he promised to do and I hope that peoples’ expectations of him are not too badly damaged when those expectations meet reality. I really wish him the best of luck as he begins the hardest job in the free world, President of the United States. I don’t think anyone is truly prepared for what that job entails. And I hope that all Americans, no matter what their political stripes will at least give him a chance.