The barrage of attacks from McCain campaign aides rains down on Palin like a Hamas attack on Israel. Not content to lose with dignity they have chosen the path of personal attacks in an attempt to fend off criticism of their own performance. Palin, as described by un-named aides, appears to be a shopaholic, an airhead, mean, nasty, and at least once, naked (if you call wrapped in a towel naked).

Wow. Talk about a bunch of electorally challenged losers.

Is there anyone in the USA who really thinks the sole reason McCain lost the election is because of Sarah Palin? Last I checked she was the one packing in the stadiums with cheering fans. Are there any Republicans (you Democrats can believe what you want) who believe Sarah Palin was completely incompetent? Mean? Nasty? Immodest?

Even if you think, as I do, that the Palin pick had its flaws, can anyone name the VP choice that would have ensured a McCain victory? I didn’t think so.

What we are beginning to see are the true colors of the McCain campaign shining through. Could it be that when Palin proved more popular with the base than their man it angered them just a little? They are sounding just like the whinny little liberals I’ve always believed camp McCain to be. I wonder if, in the end, they just couldn’t stand having a popular conservative in the midst of an unpopular moderate liberal campaign.