It’s the wee small hours of the morning here in Northern Virginia as I get ready to go and feel my way to the polling place in order to do my civic duty and cast my vote in today’s election.

My presidential vote, unsurprisingly, will be cast for John McCain and Stiletto Sarah Palin.

My only undecided vote even now is for Senator. I’m sure Mark Warner is running against someone, but I’m not really sure who it is. Ok, maybe I’m kidding just a bit, but if you look up “Pathetic Senatorial Campaign”, I’m pretty sure you’ll find a picture of Jim Gilmore in the entry.

My reasons for being unwilling to cast my vote in favor of Oprah’s anointed One are legion. Principal among them is a statement best summed up by National Review’s Campaign Spot blogger Jim Geraghty:

All Barack Obama Statements Come With an Expiration Date. All Of Them.

Some of them don’t even last twenty-four hours.

So, before you go stand in line with the huddled masses, here’s a little diddy starring Barack Obama. See if you can keep up.