I thought about writing this post once the primary races were all settled out, but spiked it out of a fear that some overly sensitive, politically correct ninny would be easily offended.

Then, a few days ago, Barack Obama made an unscripted, unTelePromtered reference to the same subject – therefore I’m free to do the same.

So, here are your candidates in the 2008 Race for the Oval – as seen through a 1970’s Sitcom Prism:

Archie Bunker

George Jefferson

Well, the comparison isn’t entirely accurate. John McCain isn’t a bigot – lovable or otherwise. George Jefferson ran a fictional chain of successful dry cleaning shops which enabled him and Weezy to “move up” to the East Side. That and old George didn’t need Rezko cash to buy the Fresh Prince’s Bel Air mansion. Can’t say the same about Obama.