Early voting has been going on for at least a week in most states, even longer in others, and Obama’s policies are still changing!  I know what you’re all thinking, the race is over.  Well, I refuse to believe that.  I can’t give up hope that the American people can see through his outright lies.  We’ll know in a few days, but until then I will remain optimistic.

As we’ve heard over and over and over again, Obama’s plan is to raise taxes on families who make $250,000 or more and he claims that 95% of Americans will receive a tax cut under his plan.  Tuesday, Biden said the threshold is $150,000, but we let that go since he’s the King of Gaffes.  On tonight’s infomercial, Obama said the threshold for families is now $200,000, but 95% of Americans will still receive a tax break.  Apparently no one in America makes between $200,000 and $250,000.

We’re less than six days away from the election and he changed the threshold?  Really?  On November 5th is he going to lower the threshold again?  If he lowers the threshold to $100,000, will 95% of Americans will get a tax break?

I’m betting that he’ll raise the taxes on everyone by the time he gives his inauguration speech.  Who wants those odds?