Coach Yoast: Coach, that’s a pretty small playbook
Coach Boone: I run six plays. Split veer. It’s like Novocain. Give it time. It always works.

The more enlightened among you will recognize this exchange from one of the single greatest films ever made on the subject of high school football – Remember the Titans. If you haven’t seen the movie, it’s well worth putting in your Netflix queue. If you haven’t seen the movie because you just don’t like football, then I’m calling into question your patriotism.

The way I see it, John McCain has utilized a “split veer” strategy throughout his campaign. On the football field, the split veer (in all its iterations) isn’t a very exciting offensive scheme. Most of the time the offensive play ends up with, as an offensive coordinator once told me, “three yards and a cloud of dust”. The ball doesn’t get moved very far, but it does go far enough to move the chains. It’s not flashy. The crowd gets very bored and doesn’t cheer much even when their team scores.

The Anointed Obamessiah, on the other hand, is all about flashy. Team Obama moves the ball seemingly at ease, but only between the 20 yard lines. When it comes down to the red zone, Barry and Company can’t punch it through – more often than not due to self inflicted wounds like SlowJoe Biden’s guaranteed fumbles and Obama tripping over Joe the Plumber and getting sacked by past ruminations praising the idea of “redistributive change”.

The obvious weakness in the split veer strategy is the time it takes to be effective. Team Obama is currently fielding its version of the much maligned “prevent defense”. In other words, they believe they’ve got a big enough lead they can just run out the clock whilst hoping their standard bearer doesn’t fall out of his chariot and McCain doesn’t get enough momentum in states like Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Colorado to tip the scales to the red balance.

So, for those of you who are looking for a reason to back away from the ledge the MSM would happily fling you from, here’s some internal polling data which hasn’t been put through the CNN filter.

It’s not over until the last chad falls.