Republicans and Democrats both claim their roots from the party founded by Jefferson and Madison: the Democratic-Republican party. I wonder today, if Jefferson could see us now, would he claim either one of them?

Our country is near completion of its transformation into a socialistic, fascist state. The transformation really began under Herbert Hoover in the 1920’s, was kicked into high gear by FDR, and received a giant booster shot by George W. Bush (What do you think massive entitlements and the whole nationalizing of investment banks thing was all about?). But, despite nearly 90 years of this socialist experiment, how many of us can define Socialism or Fascism without consulting a dictionary?

Ignorance is our greatest enemy. A great majority of the population doesn’t know what the Constitution says and couldn’t muster a Constitutional argument if they tried. The Constitution really isn’t that long. We could try reading it from time to time. How can we expect good government if most of us don’t know how to define it? The hard work has been done for us, we just need to refresh our collective memories.

Can we really be free from oppressive government if we can’t recognize that George Bush, John McCain and Barack Obama are all different versions of the same politician? Oh sure, Obama is more liberal, wants to tax us more. But George Bush proved way left of center and McCain is wrong on just about everything that comes out of his mouth. With the exception of taxes (a recent convert to tax relief I might add) and abortion, is McCain that different from Obama?

Oh, yeah, the war. McCain was right on the war. What war? I thought the Constitution said we need to declare wars in order to fight them? If the war is so important (and it is), why not do it right? But we don’t really care about the Constitution when it comes to war do we? As long as the ends justify the means, we are okay with it.

So now we get what we’ve asked for: a bunch of politicians that run over the Constitution and our rights with the hope that at least fifty one percent of the population agree with the end regardless of the mean. And so our rights errode one by one. Why is it so hard to understand that even good things, if they violate the rule of law, the principles of freedom defined by the Constitution, will bring about a host of bad things that do the same? We can’t argue against bad decisions that violate the Constitution if we are willing to permit good decisions that do the same thing. The rule of law must be first. But we don’t care as long as the surge works, right?

The real issue is not whether Obama or McCain will become President. The real issue is that the majority of the people have allowed the rights protected by the Constitution be called into question. So eager are we for Federal money that we the people give up our rights for a hand out. We want Pell grants, WIC, Medicaid, Medicare, Food Stamps, sChip, Head Start, Social Security, Highway Projects, NPR, PBS, National Endowment for the Arts, and ACORN. All Federally funded and all un-Constitutional.

We spend Trillions and Trillions of dollars pacifying the masses. We are willing to steal from a minority of our people to give to the majority. And even then our appetite can’t be sated. We want more. Our printing presses run day and night to fund Social Programs, and when that proves not enough, talk turns to taking more from the rich. The middle class will shrink. The super poor and super rich will remain.

And yet, no one lifts a finger.

No one cares.

Because we don’t understand the relationship between private property rights (including money) and freedom. We don’t understand that when we take a hand out no matter how large or small, it is at the expense of the rights of our fellow citizens. For every handout, somewhere, an American has been opressed by the government by threat of imprisonment, and their money confiscated. It doesn’t matter if it’s for the little children or if it’s for a company that is too big to fail. Children will always be too little and companies always too big. But that doesn’t change the proper role of government. Somehow this is lost on us in a flood of social programs and broken promises.

We can not find an argument for social programs from the Founders. In fact we find the exact opposite. They feared social programs and the abuse of power that comes with government taxation. The Founders tried to warn us. That’s why they limited the power of the Federal government. Its there, we can read it if we want. We can start with the Federalist Papers and the Anti-Federalist Papers and see what the original debates were about. We can read the writings of Thomas Jefferson and see what he said about government and banks and freedom. We can read the biographies of the great men and women who gave us this great country. We can learn about what sacrifice really is and why it’s important to sacrifice to remain free. We could spend more time in front of books than we do the TV. And every once in a while, we can pull out that old document, the Constitution, and read it again.

But we won’t.

We would rather watch House and re-runs of Seinfeld.

So, we get what we deserve: fifty one percent of the population ready to vote away the rights of the other forty nine percent. Just what the Founders feared would happen. An ignorant mob ruled society.

But what do I know? I’m just a Libertarian.