In the old Soviet Union and many of its satellite nations the official government news service was often called PRAVDA, or truth. Over the years the word and the institution became synonymous with lies, half-truths and the official government rhetoric. In short, if you were reading PRAVDA, you knew you were not getting the whole story.

I have to wonder then, if we are coming into our own version of PRAVDA in this country with an Obama-Biden administration? Recently, Joe Biden was on WFTV, a TV station in Orlando, Florida being interviewed by newsanchor Barbara West. She asked some legitimate questions, some hardball questions, having to do with “spreading the wealth” and his recent comments about Obama being tested by the world if elected president. Biden asked West if she was “joking” and then went on to ask “who was writing her questions”.

As punishment for asking hard questions and not falling into ranks with most media drones, WFTV is now banned from the Obama campaign, which issued the following statement, ”This cancellation is non-negotiable, and further opportunities for your station to interview with this campaign are unlikely, at best for the duration of the remaining days until the election

I have to wonder, had this or a similar hardball question been asked of John McCain or Sarah Palin, and had either of them brushed it off and then banned the station, or reporter from the campaign, would the media be howling about this, like they have howled with so many other things in regard to the Republicans and John McCain? Of course they would, because only Republicans try to hide the truth, only Republicans dodge questions and we can, with out a doubt, blame all bad in this country on the Republicans. George Bush Derangement Syndrome, anyone? (And as an aside here, I’ve not been too happy with GWB for a long while now, however I don’t think he is at the heart of ALL of our problems….)

Where are the real journalists? Apparently, the WFTV, anchor was trying to do her job and is now being punished for not falling in ranks with the rest of the media because she did not act as a PR firm for Obama-Biden. What good is the news if all that is asked are softball questions? What good does it do for the voting and media-consuming public if all they hear are sound bites, endless one-sided commercials and are spared the hard questions?

Heaven help us all when Obama is in the White House and the media turn on him, or don’t execute his agenda to a T. What will he do then, ban them from the White House Press room? Will he suspend the First Amendment because he doesn’t like the press he’s getting? Will he and the Democratic Congress try and reinstate the Fairness Doctrine?

If the media would just do their job and be objective I think we’d know much more about the secrecy’s and mysteries of Obama, and have a real picture of who he really is, and the polices he promotes — of course they have not done their job, therefore Obama and his camp have come to expect and believe they deserve a free pass, all the time. If we knew the truth, I don’t think so many would be duped by his “hope and change” rhetoric and would be focused on real issues that face our nation.

PRAVDA is on the way kids, and this is just the first example of what’s to come if the media can’t or won’t do their job, and if the Obama-Biden camp does not get their way.