Follow the Biden Logic Train


Filed Under General on Oct 27 

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Here’s as best as I can piece together just what “Incoherent Joe” rambled on about Barack being tested early in office:

1) Barack will be test early in office as president
2) It will be a major crisis challenging his energies and resources
3) He may make decisions in the course of addressing it that will be tough for us
4) These decisions may even be unpopular with most Americans
5) But we are to continue to trust him despite that because it’s all in our best interest

My Question: Couldn’t we use the same logic on GWB? Take out Obama’s name and put in George W Bush. What do you see? Isn’t it the same pattern?

If so, doesn’t that make GWB a better president than rendered becaue he made tough, unpopular decisions that in the short term seemed crazy but may be in our best long-term interests (that we might not yet see)? Or does that make Barack Obama worse than a Jimmy Carter rerun?

The corrollary of that Biden logic train is that Obama is just a liberal version of GWB – an unmitigated disaster of a president who deserves to be impeached, then drawn & quartered, then shot, then tortured. Not that I am espousing any of those things done to either person physically, as the Huffington Post might encourage. We are a family-friendly post.

But do you see what I’m saying? Why is it OK to use that kind of logic on Barack (trusting without any accountability with the evidence to the contrary displayed in front of us) when it has been flamethrown at us that allowing GWB this kind of permission led to the “abuses and disasters” we continually read about? You cannot have it both ways, Joe.

That’s the whole point. GWB made some lousy decisions in office; the same kind of lousy decisions that Obama will make in his term in office. He will screw up, he will fail. The question is, do we have enough margin as a country for him to make those mistakes? Can we afford to endure those kinds of potentially colossal failures?

This is not a defense of GWB post. This is a defense of logic and reasoning post, something sorely lacking from Incoherent Joe’s rants ranging from testing Barack to FDR’s “TV interviews”. Maybe FDR got Marxist questions also, and that’s why he stuck to radio till the 1940’s. Then again, maybe not.

The Biden Logic Train is about as twisted as my daughter’s french braids she does for her hair.