Rick B, frequent PD commenter, is on the road and forwarded this to me:

Video has been released of an interview with Senator John McCain while he was a POW. The images of this video are not new to most of us political junkies, but many Americans have never seen the young McCain, in bed, casually answering questions while smoking a cigarette.

UK’s Sky News, in it’s opening paragraph, states:

The video portrays the Republican as a hero but the message may be tarnished as he is filmed smoking a cigarette.

Wait, let me get this straight. The guy was in captivity in Vietnam, but since he smoked a cigarette–in 1968–it tarnishes his image? Under what rock have these people been hiding? I’m no smoker, but I hardly think this “tarnishes” his image as a hero.

Barack Obama, by my rough calculations, was roughly 7 years old in 1968. Barack has lived most of his life in a world where the health risks of smoking are well known. When was the last time Obama smoked a cigarette?

“Months” ago, and he still chews Nicorette between campagin rallies. I’m going out on a limb here, but something tells me Obama won’t be the enemy of “big tobacco” that many Democrats pretend to be.