With impending economic doom as the new main dish on most news programs, many issues, which I’d hoped would be at the forefront of this year’s campaign have fallen by the way side.

I’m sure you all remember back in the summer paying over $4 a gallon for gas, and saw your food and other bills go up as a result. I’ve always thought a reasonable and responsible energy policy, (which address transpiration energy, the energy we use at home and in business, and the sources of our energy) is the key to national security and domestic prosperity. However, I am hesitant to talk about my real opinions on energy in the world Global Warming fanatics and the likes of Al Gore’s minions. I am not convinced that man-made Global Warming is real. The more I read, research and learn about the goals of the Global Warming crowd, I know they are just like any other lobby, out to get more of my money and more power in government without much concern for how their agenda will really impact the lives of people.

Now we learn that Obama, wants to place CO2, a “greenhouse” gas, in the same category as lead , carbon monoxide, ozone and sulfur dioxide. Well, it’s not in that same category, it’s not even close. CO2 does not kill people, it does not create acid rain and it does not destroy the earth in ways that these other, real pollutants do. In fact, if you remember back to high school biology, CO2 is good. We exhale it, plants inhale it. It’s kind of an important part of that crazy circle of life. And if you’re really, really concerned about “greenhouse gasses” and the “harm” they do, we all really need to be concerned about water. Yes, good ol’ H2O, water. It’s properties keep heat near the surface of the earth far better, thus creating a warmer atmosphere than CO2 ever could. Is Obama looking to place water on the list of pollutants? No, because that is stupid.

What would be the impact on you and I, the regular people of the nation if this were to really happen? According to the Bloomberg news service, “Placing heat-trapping pollutants in the same category as ozone may lead to caps on power-plant emissions and force utilities to use the most expensive systems to curb pollution,”. Translation, more regulation, will mean an increase in prices which the utility companies and power producers will happily pass on to you and I, the consumer. Granted, I think there needs to be measures in place to make sure that power plants are not polluters, however a better solution to the CO2 controversy would be to encourage and allow the development and construction of nuclear power plants. Have you ever seen the inside of a nuclear plant? Totally clean, totally safe and totally CO2 free. Did I also mention that nuclear power is totally cheap too? If we went nuclear in this country, our energy bills would drop, thus leaving you and I more money to spend on other things, like $4 a gallon gas, or aspirin for the headaches we get from watching Congress talk about themselves.

Sadly, like every president since Nixon, the promises of responsible energy policy will go by the wayside, or be taken over by groups whose agenda is not for the greater good, but for their greater gain. Obama looks to be just another addition to leaders who’ve failed to focus and develop real energy policies that will really help our nation move forward and prosper. Instead Mr. Obama seems to think more regulation will bring prosperity and that following a popular fad will bring real results.