Hillary Clinton thinks the US Senate could use some comic relief. She has thus flown to Minnesota to add her voice to that of the one and only legend in his own mind Al “Cheap Shot” Franken. All Al had to do was tell her she was “good enough, smart enough, and dog-gone-it people like you”.

Her former inevitableness was effusive in her praise of Cheap Shot Al, declaring bravely:

Al Franken was taking on the vast right-wing conspiracy before other people even admitted it existed.

There she goes again. That Vast Right Wing Conspiracy bent on bringing her down and her husband’s sorry excuse for an administration along with her. Is she ever going to give that shtick up? Get over it, Hillary! That “Vast Right Wing Conspiracy” was made up of the American people who didn’t want you running their lives.

But enough about Hillary. She’s so July 2008.

You might wonder why I have bestowed upon Al Franken the moniker “Cheap Shot”. That, dear reader, is due to the fact that Al is nothing like his Saturday Night Live Stuart Smalley persona. Al is, in fact, dangerously unstable – especially when confronted with people who don’t share his agenda.

Case and point: Monday, January 26, 2004. I know that might seem ancient history to some of you, but bear with me.

Cheap Shot Al was attending a rally for then Democratic front runner Howlin’ Mad Howie Dean. Evidently Howie was being heckled by someone in the crowd. Cheap Shot Al didn’t like this and therefore took matters into his own hands:

Attending a Howard Dean rally in New Hampshire, unfunny funnyman Al Franken physically assaulted a heckler in the crowd, wrestling him to the ground in a bid to silence him.

“I got down low and took his legs out,” Franken boasted to the New York Post afterward.

In other words, Cheap Shot Al clipped the heckler. The late Tim Russert witnessed the assault and related the following:

All of a sudden, Al Franken jumped out of the media gallery, ran down and grabbed this guy on the leg and started wrestling him to the ground. It was unbelievable. He was really into it.

Cheap Shot Al’s clipping of the heckler isn’t the only time he’s come unglued. He also nearly turned the 2004 RNC radio row into his own private boxing ring.

With Cheap Shot Al’s uncontrollable temper, should he manage to upset Norm Coleman and land a seat in the Senate, how long will it be until he’s named in multiple restraining orders?