Headlines from the Future


Filed Under General on Oct 23 

After 4 years of an Obama Administration, here’s the kind of newspaper and web headlines we will have read by then:

Third attack on US soil in 6 months: Obama vows to examine terror issue

Russia thumbs nose at West while taking over Latvia: Estonia worried it is next

Iraqi jihadists have cornered pro-western government into signing restrictive Sharia Law into practice – millions flee anticipated repression

Colombia signs economic pact with China; ignores US pleas for another chance

Israel still recovering after dirty nuke explosion in West Jerusalem – Iranians dancing in the streets over successfully launch of missile

ACLU ranks depleted as many members become new US attorneys after firing of all predecessors by new president Obama

US enters record 6th consecutive quarter of recession: Obama still blames Bush after 2+ years in office

Obama nominates 4th Supreme: Liberal Legal Lockup is assured on SCOTUS

Boy Scouts disband after refusal to accept new SC ruling on homosexual scoutmasters

NAMBLA press release: “We’re delighted in recent rulings to expand our influence”

Same sex education and indoctrination now compulsory for kindergartners – Parents denied right to opt child out of class

Last Roman Catholic adoption agency in US closes doors instead of complying with placement of kids with homosexual couples

Fairness Doctrine Enacted: Market shake up on AM Radio as conservatives flee airwaves

Churches declared ‘public facility’ by SCOTUS – must allow “full measure of civil rights” in access and usage of buildings for anyone regardless of lifestyle orientation

“See You At The Pole” officially outlawed – All other religious gatherings on school grounds now suspect

Expelled: Churches no longer allowed to use space at public schools on weekends

Teacher fired over encouraging students to say Pledge of Allegiance: NEA mum on issue

Freedom of Choice Act is official – No more state restrictions on abortion

Planned Parenthood does record business for 2nd year in a row

Nurse fired for refusing to participate in abortion procedure despite ‘conscience’ objection

FCC suspends obscene speech restrictions – Child porn could be allowed through loophole

Home Schoolers outraged over new PhD requirements for certification & eligibility to engage in practice