The other day my aunt sent me a joke about Obama.  Normally I wouldn’t post these things, but I think it’s a pretty good anecdote for one of my major issues with him.

While suturing a cut on the hand of a 75 year old rancher, whose hand was caught in the gate while working cattle, the doctor struck up a conversation with the old man. Eventually the topic got around to Obama and his bid to be our president.

The old rancher said, ‘Well, ya know, Obama is a ‘Post Turtle’.

Not being familiar with the term, the doctor asked him what a ‘post turtle’ was. The old rancher said, ‘When you’re driving down a country road and you come across a fence post with a turtle balanced on top, that’s a ‘post turtle’.

The old rancher saw the puzzled look on the doctor’s face so he continued to explain. ‘You know he didn’t get up there by himself, he doesn’t belong up there, and he doesn’t know what to do while he’s up there, and you just wonder what kind of idiot put him up there to begin with’.

Post TurtlePost Turtle


  • Pauljmiceli

    PTOTUS [Post Turtle Of The United States]
    Texans are very succinct at times.

  • Pauljmiceli

    PTOTUS [Post Turtle Of The United States]
    Texans are very succinct at times.

  • Rayservice

    I like this! Great job!

  • Rayservice

    I like this! Great job!

  • MeSoCutty

    Moving style. I wish I could write that way.
    Tapety na pulpit
    Darmowe tapety

  • ET’s Photo Home

    I’m glad you didn’t change my shot to Palin.

  • ET’s Photo Home

    Your about the only one who used my photo and didn’t change it to Sarah Palin. Thanks

  • Hilary Miller

    Alaina, I’m enjoying every moment! Loved the post turtle but I better not ever here Hillary’s name come out of your mouth again! J/K

    • Alaina Segovia

      Welcome to PD Hil!

  • Alaina Segovia

    Then maybe we should elect his campaign manager since he’s the one that actually calls the shots.

  • Mike

    The Dumacrats must have found your web site and now they need to attack and destroy it.

    Don’t believe the polls, they have always been wrong.

  • Brian H


    You got the pot boiling nicely. Keep up the good work!

    • Alaina Segovia

      Who knew a turtle would cause so much madness? It’s certainly made for good entertainment though!

  • Alaina Segovia

    Yes, he said he was against the war. I also remember people protesting in the streets of Chicago about the war at the same time. I’m sure it had nothing to do with the fact that his constituents were against it.

    Also, he didn’t have access to the same information that Congress had from the Pentagon to make a decision and he didn’t have to vote for it.

    If he had been a US Senator at the time, I’d give you this point, but he wasn’t and nobody cared what an Illinois Senator had to say about the war.

    • Alaina Segovia

      Shoot… I’ve been bad with the these lately… this was supposed to go under one of J’s comments.

  • J

    I actually heard this referring to Sarah Palin a few weeks ago. I have also heard the same thing refer to Bush, and I think it fits Bush. Here’s a guy who wanted to be a baseball commissioner more than president growing up, and ended up being president at the dawn of the twenty-first century handling some of the greatest crises in a long time. Obama and Palin have yet to be elected and handed the power, although by judging her performances she was not ready for national television. She does not even know what the vice president does!

    • Alaina Segovia

      First of all, Palin was making a joke about what a VP does because, with the exception of Cheney, they’ve never done anything.

      This is an ‘insert name here’ joke, but at least Bush had experience. Palin’s experience is definitely limited, but at least she has executive experience and is extremely knowledgeable about energy, which just so happens to be a major issue these days.

      • J

        Senatorial experience is relevant. I don’t get how being a senator for three years does not give you at least some experience. Palin has been governor for the less than two years.
        She has four times made ridiculous comments about the VP job. In the debate, she made a claim that the constitution allows her more power. That was not a joke. Recently, in trying to explain the VP job from a question from a third grader, Palin claimed that the VP could shape policy with the senate. She had three months to at least find out her job’s responsibilities as written by the constitution.

        • kjco

          Regarding: “Palin claimed that the VP could shape policy with the senate”…

          The US Vice-President is the official President of the Senate–get your facts straight.

        • Alaina Segovia

          I didn’t say Senate experience was irrelevant, but you get a lot more experience much quicker as a Gov than you do as a Senator or Rep.

          She was correct in making the statement that she could shape policy. The Vice President is the President of the Senate. Officially she’s there to break ties, but she can certainly make her stance known and take a much harder line than the President does. One of the unofficial jobs of the VP is to take a harder line than the President to deflect partisan issues from him… hence the pit bull with lip stick.

          • J

            You get experience quicker? Your job in these positions is not to get experience as fast as you can. It is to do the best job you can. The truth is there is only one job that gives you the right experience, and that is the office they are running for. The law making, foreign policy, executive, and military experience will only come from being president. What every successful president has held was judgment and conviction to do what is right.
            The importance of her ideas is first all, she has made this mistake four times. She has no role shaping policy in the Senate. That is the importance in the separation. Of course her positions are important to the party platform, but there needs to be checks between the two branches. There is no excuse to make these kind of mistakes.

            • Alaina Segovia

              Yes, you get experience quicker because you are exposed to a lot more issues and manage many more people than a Senator… similar to that of the President.

              And as I said, the VP, if they so choose, can certainly help shape party. The checks and balances comes in with the voting of the House and Senate, followed by the approval by the President, and then ultimately the Supreme Court.

          • kjco

            J, she did not make the mistake four times as you keep asserting, she was not wrong, in at least one instance.

            Just because you believe the separation of powers in the 3 branches should be absolute and severs all ties and responsibilities doesn’t make it true. Why would the VP break ties in the Senate if that were the case?

            • J

              The VP has no role in policy making. The only role she has in the Senate is to break ties. The president of the senate oversees procedural matters, . The vice president is not use his or her position as President of the Senate to influence policy making or act by party. The vice president rarely presides over these procedural matters in the Senate today, rather, in his place, the Senate chooses a President pro tempore to preside in the Vice President’s absence.
              Sarah Palin was wrong to suggest that the Constitution allows her power she was wrong to suggest she any has any place in policy, and she is most wrong because her idea of the vice president would go against the separation of powers.

  • Brian H

    Barry Obama is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being I’ve ever known in my life.

  • east-of=eden

    Alaina….I thought it was funny. Thanks for the laugh. :)

  • Chris

    and that is a perfectly valid point. My last post was aimed more at the responses than the original post, which I had already commented on.

    Same of course applies to Governor Palin.

    Senator Obama has run a phenomenal campaign to be where he is now, organised a very effective team of advisers, raised a hell of a lot of money and has made millions feel better about themselves. Running the country might not be comparable, but if it were, then he could be something special

    Or not. I would be amazed if he were as bad as the current administration though

    • Cordeiro


      Please tell me you didn’t just parrot Obama’s declaration that running a campaign is the same as running the country.

      Is that seriously the best you can do?

      • Chris

        I’m saying that if he shows thesame apptitude at leading the nation than he he did running the camapign then I think he will do rather well

        time will tell

      • J

        There is absolutely nothing like running a whole country. Not a town, not a city, not a state, not a campaign, not the senate. Nothing is like running a country.
        But in running his campaign he has shown the ability to inspire, and the ability to get people from the other side to agree with him. He has shown the ability to unite and not divide people.

        • Alaina Segovia

          Are we electing a President or a motivational speaker?

          • Red State Eddio


          • J

            The most important thing a president needs to be able to do in times of crisis is to inspire confidence in the American people. This is the most critical area where George bush has failed.

            • Red State Eddio

              Fine – I’ll get you and the Oba-wan a skirt and some pom-poms.

            • Alaina Segovia

              Except that our country is quite possibly more divided than it’s ever been.

  • Alaina Segovia

    Here’s another anecdote for you Chris…

    Let’s say I’m walking through a hospital one day going to visit someone. While in the waiting room, I run into the Cheif of Surgery (I don’t know what their titles are in hospitals, but stick with me here). After we chit chat for a little while he says, “Wow. I think you’re really smart and would like to make you our Head Surgical Attending (just got that title from Gray’s Anatomy) and we have a brain surgery I want to you perform now.” He takes me to the operating room to scrub up and I’m standing over this patient with a scalpel in my hand.

    Now, in this situation, I would be a post turtle. I would have no idea what to do and the extent of my knowledge of science stems from my Chemistry for Non-Science majors in college, not to mention the fact that I get nauseous at the sight of my own blood. If you were that patient, would you want me to be the one to operate on you? Not a chance.

    Now, do I have a right to be a brain surgeon? Absolutely, but shouldn’t I be required to go through school and have a certain amount of experience before being turned lose with a scalpel? I’m not a lawyer, but I’m pretty sure that’s are many, many laws in that area.

    If that’s what I really wanted to do, I could go to school to get the requried education and do whatever it is doctors do when they finish school to get experience. That’s my American right.

    Same goes for Obama. He hasn’t even proven he can do the jobs he was elected to do. In 10 or 15 years, if he decides to run for President again his experience will no longer be an issue.

    My point has nothing to do with fear, hatred, or whether or not he has the right to run for President. My point is that he is not qualified.

  • Chris

    boy, you guys are really divided right now.

    One of my favourite West Wing quotes is this “there are days when there is an absolute right and an absolute wrong, but those days usually involve body bags”

    There are some really positive things to both Senator Obama and Senator McCain. There have even been some really positive things about President Bush (his policies in Africa for example are worthy of a great deal of credit)

    But yes, this campaign has been about hate and fear. Hatred of President Bush, race hate policies, hatred of socialism or perceived socialism, hatred of the failed policies of the past. Fear of the unknown, fear that those who are not quite like me might make things worse for me, fear of muslims and other ethnic groups, fear that those prescious traditions might be undermined and the fear that we might have got it wrong.

    The Christian right are going to vote for Senator McCain, the liberal left will vote for Senator Obama and the election will be decided by the rest who will look at the facts, look at the circumstances, look at the camdidates and choice those they feel will make their lives better.

    I hope you manage not to take the hatred and fear into the polling booths with you.

    Ed Murrow: We will not walk in fear, one of another, we will not be driven by fear into an age of unreason. If we dig deep into our history and our doctrine, we will remember we are not descended from fearful men. Not from those who feared to write, to speak, to associate, and to defend causes that were for the moment unpopular.

    • kjco

      There are issues which are right and wrong here in this election. Do not tell me that there is nothing worth fighting for here. Don’t even hint that our perception of what is black & white–right and wrong is colored merely by a fear of the unknown or of having to face our dislikes. Don’t tell me this is akin to choking down lima beans and just a matter of whether you like them or not.

      This is watching our beloved country sink into something horribly unidentifiable. Sure, it has been a long time coming, but hearing Obama speak has woken some of us up to the fact that it may be too late to do anything about it.

      Given, Obama wasn’t the one who started this slow descent into the dissolution of our financial institutions, our entitlement mentality, or our constitutional breakdown. However, he is the new perceived king who, along w/a democratic congress and liberal supreme court will attempt to put humpty dumpty back together again–socialist or worse. The shards of shell may be glued back together but there’s no way to get the heart of it back in.

  • German Observer

    I liked the joke, though I think it fits much better to Palin than to Obama and of course I don’t share the assumptions and conclusion it contains.

    Anyway, there is one point I wonder about for long and maybe this is the right place to ask about.

    Is your refusion of Obama so harsh because he is Obama or would it apply to any Democrat the same way and the same strength?

    I mean did you run riot the same way when Dukakis, Mondale, Clinton, Gore and Kerry were running or is there anything special about Obama?

    • dw

      LOL, German. You’ve definitely not been following US politics until recently.

      Both the Dems and Repubs are equally harsh to each other, and both play on the uninformed masses and build fear into them via half-truths. It’s not changed much over the years, IMHO. What has changed is that many more people are now able to express opinions via the internet.

      Back in the days of the Usenet (anyone remember alt.misc.politics?), there were fewer forums for political discussions. And, fewer people knew about the Usenet (even after Gore invented the internet). But, the dialogue has really not changed. Your candidate sucks, mine is better. Just different candidates.

      And, unfortunately, the two major parties are really starting to blend and become more similar than either side wants to admit.

      That’s why I am voting for a “real change”. :-) I’m voting Libertarian.

    • Alaina Segovia

      No. I disagreed with with Kerry and Gore on most issues, just as I do Obama, but if they would have gotten elected, I could have lived with that.

      With Kerry and Gore, we didn’t have the debates about their experience, character, and patriotism. They had all of that, therefore leaving us only policies to debate. Yes, there’s always the mudslinging and flip flopping accusations. Unfortunately, that’s just politics.

      Obama is different. I truly believe that he does not have the experience, character, or patriotism to be President. I always said that I would never vote for Hillary, but she’s looking real good to me right now. At least I believe she wants to do what’s best for this country, whether I agree with her on the issues or not.

    • kristen

      I didn’t care for Clinton, Kerry’s policies/leanings were just not good, Obama just flat out scares me. Between character, ideology, experience, associations–not good.

      I don’t think I could ever vote Democratic in a national election because I just can’t get behind their platform. However, if Zell Miller ever ran for president, he’d get my vote. But he’d never run, and the dems would kick him out of their party anyway.

      I think the turtle on the post is very fitting.

  • Shawn Naegle

    That’s funny. It would even be funnier if McCain wasn’t the post…

  • J. Shawn Durham

    The snippiness from the right is just terrible. I just don’t understand the sheer hatred toward Obama or anyone, right or left, who supports him.

    Palin is more of a post turtle thatn Obama, yet, Republicans can’t or won’t say that she has been used as a prime example as to John McCain’s bad judgment. If only some had read my article and heeded the words — words in which every point I made was spot on…

    Really wish I could find that — oh: here it is!

    • Alaina

      Where did I use the word hate?

      You guys need to lighten up. We ALL laughed at Palin being mocked on SNL, Family Guy, etc. Yes, even us Republicans thought SNL was a riot.

      Again, you’re comparing the top of the Democratic ticket to the bottom of the Republican ticket. I actually like Palin. At least she has executive experience, which is a lot more than you can say for Captain Present.

      • J. Shawn Durham

        He voted “present” 185 times out of 2200 votes. And in the Illinois State Senate. And it is well known that such an act is used as a legislative tool to get things passed. Also, for all of this Country First, crap, John McCain has flipflopped on everything from taxes during wartime, to human torture, to a number of other issues, to dirty politics. Denying his core priniciples and beliefs of civility fo the sake of winning.

        This is not the Jame John McCain that I spoke with 9 years ago for 45 minutes, as a cub reporter in Athens, GA. This John McCain is unrecognizable.

        Contrary to some opinions, I am NOT a lefty. In fact, I am a lot like Colin Powell. Very disturbed with where all of this vitrol on the Republicans’ part is going.

        And it doesn’t matter whther or not you “like” Palin. None of this “like” carp matters at all. How about for once in your life vote for someone who may actually KNOW something.

        No one liked Kerry or Gore, but at least they KNEW stuff. Palin doesn’t know ANYTHING. That’s why the Republicans have protected her like the Praetorian Guard. And McCain seems lost and two dimensional, tyring to find anything that will stick agains ta guy who after teh debates, most people seem to feel okay about.

        Take off your partisan lenses everybody and quit being so blasted cynical just becasue it will be a bad year for YOUR Party.

        • Alaina Segovia

          You’re absolutely right. John Kerry and Al Gore knew “stuff”. I just didn’t agree with them.

          Obama doesn’t have the experience to know “stuff”. He regurgitates the party line and does exactly what he’s told. Do you really want that person to be President? At least Kerry and Gore had their own opinions.

          • J

            Obama stood up on the most important foreign policy matter of our time. Regardless of whether you agree with him, in that instance he made a choice of his own opinion to stand up against the War in Iraq.

    • Red State Eddio

      (yawner) Tired arguments that have already been shown to not hold their weight, not even in outer space…

      I don’t hate the Oba-wan. I vehemently disagree with his direction for the country, and I vociferously argue that point when ever possible.

      It’s his cult-like followers who are the bigger idiots when they worship him as the 2nd coming of FDR. Because by and large, many Americans are oblivious to history and poly science. They’ll pick him just because they have a hatred of Bush, regardless of the painful implications as concisely outlined by this article by Richard Epstein in Forbes.

      If I made major life decisions based on vengeance and hatred, I’d be on a couch with a “sedagive” being pumped into my veins under a doctor’s supervision: “mentally or emotionally unstable” would read the charts.

      So how many Americans are feeling that way and basing their vote on the Oba-wan because of that same type of hatred? I’d give it a good 10%.

      If that hatred was not the case, J-Mac would be cruising right now. He’s got the biggest headwind to fight against in arguably 30 – 70 years.

      That just shows that it’s the unstable followers of the Oba-wan who are the real scary issue, not the man.

      Maybe they can all dress up as themselves on halloween this year. It’s put a fright into me already.

  • Patrick Keegan

    I love how the righties have fallen to just telling jokes, because you all know your candidate is dead.

    • Alaina

      Perhaps you didn’t read my previous post.

    • Red State Eddio

      Patrick – Your subtletly is exceeded only by your love for your fellow man.

      I’m just in a good mood today.

      • Patrick Keegan

        Yah, well, it’s hard to be subtle when it’s 15 on 1. :)

        I was looking at my posts recently and the posts were I wrote calmly and intelligently, practically none of the right-wing ‘intelligentsia’ here respond.

        When I rant and rave and go all Bill O’Reilly, that’s when I actually get a response.

        Glad you are in a good mood though

        • Red State Eddio

          PK, I always read your stuff, even if I don’t always reply. You’re a good guy, no matter what David Kaiser says! :-)

          Speaking of BOR, here he is taking off Barney Frank’s head for his bogus comments in June about Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

          It was rather cathartic that he did what I wanted somebody to do to Frank.

  • Red State Eddio

    If J-Mac had this ad running for the last month, he’d be up 5 points rather than down 5.

    Of course, only small town and rural America would have gotten it.

    New York Cityers would have been saying “What’s a turtle? Does a “post rat” say the same thing?”

  • Chris

    perhaps you could explain to us exactly why he shouldn’t be there?

    I thought your American Dream was that anyone, ANYONE could rise to the top, with hard work, supportive parents and a little bit of luck.

    You may not like his being there, you may not agree with what he proposes to do while there but does this mean that he doesn’t have the RIGHT to be there.

    Or do you think that some people have more rights then others….

    • Alaina

      In the last 12 years (8 as an Illinois Senator and 4 as a US Senator), Obama has done nothing but run for the next job. He hasn’t passed a single piece of major legislation. He “calls” for Congress to do a lot of things, but he never actually does anything about them. He sits back and lets everyone else do the work so he doesn’t have to get his hands dirty.

      This post never said anything about him not having a “right” to be there. I never said he didn’t have the “right” to run for President. I do believe anyone can rise to the top and do anything they want to do in this country, but there are some positions should have qualifications and the Presidency is one of them.

      • Chris

        “one of my major issues with him”

        “he doesn’t belong there”

        Your words.

        Governor George Wallace would no doubt have agreed with you. It might not represent your intensions but it is how it comes across.

        The person who belongs there is the person who the American people choose to elect there.

        • Alaina

          The major issue I was referring to is his experience and ability to handle the situation he is in. Because he does not have the experience, I do not believe he should be President. It had nothing to do with his rights.

          • Brian H

            Get ready, Alaina. The racial politics is not going to end anytime soon. We are in for at least four LOOOOOONNNNNGGGGG years of racial politics. Obama, and now Powell, are without criticism.

            • J

              A man from Illinois was running for President. His experience consisted of a career in the Illinois State Legislature, standing up to a popular war, and two obscure years in Congress.

              Sound familiar? This is the record of Abraham Lincoln. Now I am not comparing Obama to Lincoln, but I am illustrating a point. One only needs to look at history to see the different measures of experience of Presidents. Regardless, what every successful president had was the judgment to know what is right. Anyone who looks at Obama objectively can see that at the very least he has met the minimum bar of what it takes to be president. That’s why many conservative columnists and Republicans like Colin Powell can support Obama.

              • Alaina Segovia

                No. That doesn’t sound familiar. Lincoln served 4 terms in the Illinois Legislature and 1 term as US Representative. Lincoln actually did the job he was elected to do.

                Besides that, our world is entirely different than it is today. When Lincoln was President, the New York Stock Exchange was run out of a single room at 40 Wall Street. Foreign policy is completely different. He just had to worry about England and Indians. The big social issue was slavery.

                Today, our President is the leader of the free world. We have to worry about a global economy, terrorists flying planes into the sides of buildings, nuclear weapons, social security, health care, immigration, and on and on and on.

                History is a great place to look to learn some lessons, but you can’t compare what the President faced 150 years ago to what the President faces today.

                The technical qualifications to be President are to be at least 35 years old, and a natural born citizen of the US or a citizen for 14 years. So yes, Obama meets the technical qualifications to be President. Personally, and millions share my view, he does not have the experience or judgement to be President.

              • J

                Is experience measured by years? Experience is measured by what you learn. Lincoln knew how to lead. Obama knows how to lead as well. As a State Senator, he knew more about the war in Iraq than most senators. He predicted correctly “that even a successful war against Iraq will require a US occupation of undetermined length, at undetermined cost, with undetermined consequences. I know that an invasion of Iraq without a clear rationale and without strong international support will only fan the flames of the Middle East, and encourage the worst, rather than best, impulses of the Arab world, and strengthen the recruitment arm of al-Qaeda.” Tell me how he did not get that right.

              • Alaina Segovia

                Experience is measured by knowledge and exposure.

                How do you know Obama knows how to lead? What has he lead? Please don’t say his campaign because that’s what campaign managers do.

                As far as the war, if you remember Bush said the same thing… It would be a very long expensive war. Actually, we have been very successful in Iraq. I saw an interview of a Colonel that’s been in Iraq for the last 3 years. He said 3 years ago, they were worried about “100 bombings a day”, now they’re “more worried about traffic jams”. He and Bush were both correct in saying that the war would be long and expensive and we would fight a faceless enemy, but Obama is wrong by not admitting how well we and the Iraqi people are doing now.

              • J

                Obama has taken stances on issues time and time again. First thing he did as leader of the Democratic Party is submit to the Democratic Platform to not take money from federal registered lobbyists or from PACs. He added in trying to reduce abortions overall as well.
                He has displayed knowledge and wisdom on every issue. He has the knowledge to be president.
                The Bush Administration, including Cheney, Rumsfeld, and even John McCain, claimed that it would be quick and easy. He never said it would expensive. Bush has misled the American people every step of the way, and that is inexcusable.
                Even as this war was “successful”, as Obama said, it would take an undetermined length and cost, which it has.