Wow. I am amazed at the vitriol from Republicans who were surprised by Powell’s endorsement of Obama.

I’ve just got one thing to say. Really?

Where were you people back in the day, when the sky was blue, and WMD’s abounded in Iraq, and Republicans enjoyed their undeserved majority, and the rumors were flying that Powell was a liberal? What, were you all asleep? When Powell said he was Pro-Choice, did you miss that one? When he said he agreed with racial preferences for college admissions, were you busy watching Monday night football, eating corn chips with salsa, and thinking how wonderful it was to have Bush in the Oval Office?

Powell is innocent in my eyes. He tried to tell you. You wouldn’t listen. Sure he endorsed Bush back in ’04. He is a little bit loyal. But he is now freed from the Bush administration. Now freed to speak his mind. And guess what? His mind is liberal!

It just goes to show how absolutely blind Republicans are to other Republicans. You just love anyone that has an ‘R’ behind their name. And that’s your problem. That’s why Republicans keep nominating Bushs and Doles and McCains. Republicans are ever worried about the party, never about the substance of the candidate. Hence, John McCain is your nominee.

I have read numerous times on this and other blogs where Republicans have lamented, “If only Powell would run for President”. Okay. Feel that way today?

Time to start looking at the person and not the party. If you had done that from the start, this would not be such a bitter surprise.


And you people say Libertarians are dumb? Well, maybe, but at least we know our own people.