Barack Obama is outspending John McCain 4 to 1. For television ads in battleground states like Virginia, the gap is 2 to 1. In Indiana, the gap is 20-1! As if this wasn’t enough evidence Democrats are buying the White House, Obama is promising 95% of Americans a tax cut, even though 1/3 of Americans don’t pay taxes. Before this bribe, it was his proposed $1000 government handout funded by oil windfall profits taxes.

The mischaracterization of McCain’s health care and tax proposals by the Obama television blitz as ‘unaffordable’ will go unanswered. The mischaracterization of Obama’s record and plans as moderate, disciplined and bipartisan will continue unrefuted. The National Republican Campaign Committee is currently operating on an $8 million line of credit just to help a few candidates stay above water.

Meanwhile, tens of thousands of illegitimate voter registrations have been filed by ACORN. Still, none of the ACORN leaders will apologize or admit wrongdoing and the scandal has become Republicans’ fault for ‘attempted disenfranchisement.’ ACORN’s behavior is excused by the media and the Democratic party because both perceive this group as fighting the good fight.

None of these stories are given straightforward coverage by the MSM. Very few sources are calling for answers from ACORN, and even fewer are crying foul at the importance and impact of money in this crucial election year. I don’t need to describe the fury that would erupt if this situation were reversed. The truth is Obama is practicing disenfranchisement; my vote for McCain will be cancelled by false registrants and purchased votes.