I understand why Barack Obama is popular among many factions of Americans.

Barak Obama has successfully positioned himself as the generic candidate. He is the candidate that the voter can read anything into; he continues to be a blank slate. Many Americans have no clear desire to seek out the record of Obama because they fear they might learn more about him and his policies than they wish to know, this would force them to ignore the “idea” of Obama for the reality of Obama.

When I speak with my moderate Democrat friends they describe the idea of Obama as a pragmatic, disciplined, well reasoned candidate who will cross the party aisle to work in a bipartisan way to achieve common consensus through in depth deliberations. He is another Jack Kennedy.

When I speak with young idealistic 20-somethings they describe the idea of Obama as someone whose race and age will unify the nation and bring “Change We Can Believe In”. They are in love with the idea of Obama; they know little about the reality of him, not many of us do.

Because it’s the Halloween season, the other night I went into a haunted house, it was my college professor’s academic office at one of the local universities. Upon entering the dwelling it was immediately clear that I was in a world of radicalism. In every direction of the room there was Anti-American rhetoric on display. The American flag with stars replaced by corporate logos, pictures of Bush with the word “MADMAN” under it, Howard Zinn books on display, PEACE beads hanging on the doors, a poster of Che Guevara, and many items such as dolls, posters, and stickers of Obama.

Where Camp-McCain has failed has been in the ability to create the Obama narrative. They have completely failed in painting the Obama blank slate. As a campaign strategy, Obama has purposefully refused to paint his blank slate. He has completely left it open for interpretation for those who want to paint it themselves.

I worry about an Obama presidency not because of what I pretend to know about him, but because of what I truly don’t.