From our old friend and contributor, SAK. I thought it was very post-worthy:

I’m a Democrat and I’m patriotic too
by SAKalinich

They did it again today at a McCain campaign rally in Woodbridge, Virginia. U S A!! U S A!! The crowd chanted. They booed at the word “Democrat.” They hissed and yelled unintelligible epithets when McCain spit out the name Obama.

In the District today, some congresswoman with a yen for her 15 minutes of fame proposed an investigation of her peers at the Capitol who are “un-American.”

Poodle skirts and slicked back DA haircuts were the cute side of the 1950s. McCarthyistic persecution, AKA the Thought Police State, was the ugliest side of the decade. You are dangerously close to resurrecting that mindset, McCain/Palin. It is quicksand.

Do not tread there (or on me!).

There is a fine line between patriotism and jingoism, folks.

Yo, Republicans who claim Abraham Lincoln as a forefather, when I enter the local elementary school to cast my vote, I get a lump in my throat and a tear in my eye. My chest swells another cup size (settle down!) with American pride. I collect the “I Voted” stickers or wear the current one on my lapel.

It’s my cherished privilege, right and duty to vote and I take it as seriously as anyone can.

I hate and want to end the Iraq war. The military, especially the Army and Navy, are big employers in my area. When I see a soldier or sailor in the grocery store, I thank her for her service.

But I will cast my vote for Barack Obama and according to some of you out there that makes me a pariah. Sarah Palin thinks that I “don’t see the country like (she) does.” That means I am at least un-American, at worst a terrorist.

Enough is enough. My fortune at being born in this nation is appreciated every minute of every day. I raise the flag and sing the “Star Spangled Banner.” (I can sing three verses of the anthem and even gave tours at Baltimore’s Flag House, where the flag that inspired Francis Scott Key was sewn. ‘Nough said?)

Do not impugn my or any other Democrat’s American virtue. Especially Sen. Obama’s. Why would he go through the hell that is a presidential campaign if he did not love this country as much as you do?