I’d like to take this opportunity to stand up and applaud Joe Wurzelbacher here after to be referred to as Joe the Plumber if for no other reason that my fingers cramp when I try to type his last name. For Joe the Plumber’s audacity in calling into question the Obamessiah’s quest for Joe’s hard earned cash, Joe has been subject to an MSM investigation the likes of which even the Obamessiah has never experienced.

Here’s some footage from an impromptu news conference outside Joe’s house. Get this man a cable channel. Keith Olbermann watch out!

What has the MSM uncovered? Damning evidence.

Joe owes a whopping $1,200 in back taxes. He isn’t actually a “licensed” plumber. He doesn’t actually cross the arbitrary 250 large “rich” threshold declared by The One as “rich”.


I have but two words in reaction to the MSM’s attempts to slime Joe’s public persona: Big Deal. If that’s the best Team Obama’s Press Corps can come up with, Joe is going to be a real headache for the Anointed One.

A closer look at Obama’s encounter with Joe the Plumber reveals that Joe was talking about buying a plumbing business which could put him in the tax bracket Obama wants to soak in order to give his famed tax cut to 95% of Americans -even those who don’t actually pay taxes. In short, Joe the Plumber wants his piece of the American Dream. He wants to create jobs and employ other hard working plumbers to make sure that which is flushed by Ohio is never seen again. Joe rightly takes offense that someone like Obama – who probably wouldn’t know what to do with a plunger if you showed him – wants to take his hard earned cash and “spread the wealth around”.

So, what does Obama do in response to Joe’s newfound celebrity status? Obama mocks him.

How many plumbers do I know who make over 250 large a year? I don’t know. I haven’t asked any that have come to Cordeiro Manor to work on my pipes. I’m fairly certain that the owners of the company which dispatched the plumbers make a fairly decent living.

Obama would like to paint anyone who crosses his arbitrary rich threshold as money grubbing greedy capitalists who deserves to be forcibly separated from a large chunk of their pie. After all, its not fair they get so much when others have so little. How much pie would Obama take from someone like Joe the Plumber? Of each dollar Joe makes above the 250 large threshold, he’d get to keep about 36.6 cents of it. The rest goes to Obama’s wealth spreading machine.

So, dear reader, here are the $250,000 questions:

Would you “bust your hump” for 36 cents on the dollar?

Would you take the contract to refit the sewer main knowing that over 60% of your profit from the job would be confiscated by Obama?

Would you go to the time and expense of expanding your business, hire more people, and all the other details involved in said expansion knowing that “wealth redistribution” is going to take the lion’s share of your expansion profit?

Most basic economic courses teach the concept of “Opportunity Cost” – the cost of a product forgone to produce or obtain another product. There’s another cost associated with taxes that most politicians ignore: “Marginal Cost” – the cost associated with the production of one more unit. In this case, the marginal cost associated with every dollar made above and beyond the 250 large “rich threshold” is 63.4 cents.

I think I’m on fairly solid ground when I say – looking at those numbers most businesses wouldn’t consider that a good return on the marginal investment of time and treasure.

So, here’s to you, Joe the Plumber. Thanks for taking it to the Obamessiah. Should you ever find yourself in my neighborhood, I’ll buy you the drink of your choice at the establishment of your choice. And, by the way, could you take a look at the faucet on the back of my house? Some how or other it snapped off. Might have had something to do with me hitting it with a pipe wrench.