Not your average Joe


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This guy has procured more fame than Joe Biden himself. Joe the plumber is a household name, thanks to Wednesday night’s debate. Being mentioned 23 times in a 90-minute period is quite impressive. All he had to do was throw Obama a simple question prior to a rally……to which Obama bloviated and ended with something about ‘spreading more wealth’. As if it’s not enough to be told by the VP candidate that in order to be patriotic one must pay more taxes; Obama wants to use his presidential powers to take your hard-earned cash and give it to those in a lower income bracket. And in Joe the plumber’s case, all his years of hard work will literally go down the drain. Obama calls this ‘spreading the wealth’. That’s just sugarcoating for socialism.

Joe the plumber was tracked down.

I already like the guy.

I think it’s a no-brainer who he’s NOT voting for.