This is not really a post about abortion, but I really love the “rusty coat hanger” argument used by pro-choice spokespeople. Presumably, if abortions were made illegal, then all those knocked-up women who would have used abortion for extremely late stage birth control would replace legal abortion with a rusty coat hanger, quite possibly injuring themselves, causing hemorrhaging or worse, tetanus.  Personally, this argument makes me reconsider accepting Darwinism, in that, someone who would shove an oxidized ferrous device into a bodily orifice should probably have her line snuffed out.

But this is not really a post about abortion. It’s about politics.

For a Republican to think this economic downturn is a valid reason to put Reid, Pelosi and Obama in charge of the country is a lot like using a rusty coat hanger to root out unfortunate human tissue.  We may get the desired result (or not), but unintended side-effects loom large in my mind.  The coat hanger always looks like the answer today, but tomorrow’s results will show just how desperate we were.