Some advice for John McCain before tonight’s last presidential debate:

1. Ignore Bob Schieffer

The MSM is so far down in the tank for Obama they’re in danger of drowning. The once proud Tiffany Network ensconced in the House that Murrow built is a shell of its former self. There are issues that need to be addressed in tonight’s debate. Judging by the past performance of this election season’s debate moderators, little or no attention will be paid to these issues. The MSM wants Obama in the Big Chair and will therefore lob softballs at his strong points.

2. Drop the nuance

Patrick O’Brian’s epic work Master & Commander, the fictional Captain Jack Aubrey relates some advice given him by naval legend Admiral Lord Nelson:

Never mind manoeuvres, always go straight at them.

This is a critical point. Obama has never faced a credible challenge to any campaign he has ever run. He doesn’t do well when confronted on issues with which he is not comfortable. Your job, Senator McCain, is to make him very uncomfortable. Here are some of the untouchable points that need to be addressed tonight:

– The Economic Crisis

You were prophetic in your call to reform Fannie and Freddie a few years back. You have – almost to a fault – railed against “out of control” CEO pay. Obama is lacking on both of these points. Not only was he second only to Chris “Half A Waitress Sandwich” Dodd in taking campaign cash from Fannie and Freddie, one of Obama’s principle economic advisors is none other than Franklin Raines.

Good old Franklin was CEO of Fannie Mae and over a period of six years made nearly $90 million at that job. How did he make off with so much cash? He did it the really old fashioned way: He cooked the books.

You might want to point out that you’ve been warning America for years about this impending crisis. Obama has been busy taking questionable campaign cash and coddling those responsible for causing it.

– Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dorn, et. al

Obama threw down the gauntlet yesterday by daring you to bring up the Ayers issue “to my face”. Take him up on it. His latest “explanation” about his relationship with this unrepentant piece of scum domestic terrorist is laughable:

Ultimately, I ended up learning about the fact that he had engaged in this reprehensible act 40 years ago, but I was eight years old at the time and I assumed that he had been rehabilitated.

How exactly do you “rehabilitate” a terrorist? Can a man who gleefully bombed the US Capitol and the Pentagon with plans to bomb other targets be rehabilitated? Obama’s association with Ayers and other anti-Americans brings into question his judgment – more importantly his lack thereof.

Over the past week or so, you’ve heard and felt the anger resonating around this nation at the prospect of an Obama presidency. The MSM has trumpeted it as racially motivated hate speech coming from America’s trailer trash. As usual, the MSM is a dumb as a box of bricks. The anger you’ve seen and felt comes from a desire for somebody, anybody, to take on this empty suited, Chicago machine manufactured politician.

Tonight that needs to change. Go straight at him, Senator.