We’ve been hearing a lot lately about ACORN and voter fraud in the news lately. If the fact that ACORN workers had one teenager register to vote more than 70 times does not make you sick, I don’t know what will. The boy in question, Freddie Johnson, stated that ACORN workers begged him to sign cards so that they could fill their quota and keep their jobs.

Clearly that’s a conflict of interest. Why are people being paid to register others to vote? Why is voter registration not being handled through offices of the Secretaries of State? Why are untrained and unmonitored people, who are being paid by the registration card being allowed to register people to vote?

What is more troubling to me however, that this young man lacked the integrity or moral fortitude to say NO to these community organizers in the first place, or to even turn them in. Voting is the most important thing we do as Americans. Cheating the system makes that system fail for everyone. I have a feeling, however that this is not the last we will hear of ACORN’s “efforts” to get out the vote, and that ACORN officials and those connected with ACORN will continue to brush these misdeeds and shenanigans under the rug. I also have a feeling that because of groups like ACORN this election cycle will go down as one of the nastiest in US History.