“I was shocked to see that Obama would be a person running for president.”

Even former classmates can’t believe someone like Barack Hussein Obama is seeking the highest office in the land.

“I would say Obama didn’t show great character about choosing who he hung out with…..I think he behaved well and wasn’t getting into trouble, but he didn’t seem to hang out with the right people.”

Barry just can’t seem to choose good friends. As if running around with anti-American preachers, unrepentant terrorists, and convicted felons isn’t enough. Obama-wan had loser friends in high school. In my high school the druggies were known as track stars because they congregated near the tracks out back; Obama’s clan was nicknamed the “Bingham benches”.

At least he doesn’t deny inhaling…..but perhaps we should be more concerned about 4:20, rather than 3 AM.

Seriously though, how does a pothead get into Columbia University? Better yet, how does one aspire to become President of the United States? Oh that’s right…..this is America…..where someone can go from druggie, to Ivy League graduate, to community organizer, to Senate, to Democratic Presidential candidate, and quite possibly president.

How ironic that Sarah Palin’s entire life is being put under a microscope: Somehow her blood-type and breakfast menu should make the evening news. Yet the mainstream media could care less about Obama lighting up joints with his buddies.

So if he chose poor friends in high school, even worse ones for the last 20 years……can you imagine how he’s going to fill his Cabinet if elected? **shudder**