I’m sure that DK was happily unpacking all his paraphernalia from out of the closet: dusting off the cap, smoothing out the jacket, getting his “Ron Hextall” jersey free of mothballs – all to be ready for another year of Philadelphia Flyers hockey. Having made it to the Eastern Conference Finals before getting flattened by the Penguins, DK was excited to get a ticket to opening night and enjoy another great season of hockey – until he read the following headline:

“‘Hockey Mom’ Palin to Drop Flyers’ First Puck”

Now imagine the conflict inside DK’s soul: support my beloved Flyers while this renegade interloper upon the Presidential scene sanctions the inaugural game of the season with her presence? She of little experience and even less intelligence? Oh, the horror!

A sleepless night in the City of Brotherly Love ensued…