Obama seems to be having a little trouble kicking the habit. He recently sat down with Men’s Health and admitted he still bums an occasional cigarette. But he says that’s alright.

“But I figure, seeing as I’m running for president, I need to cut myself a little slack.”

So, Obama thinks running for president is difficult. I’m sure things will slack off once he is actually elected!

Given the reemergence of this issue it seems only appropriate that we re-post PD’s original comments on the issue from February 2007. Have we really been doing this that long?


  • taturner

    If America is still a nation is 2058, I will vote for your son.

  • Gary Russell

    I just realized that I said “That one”.
    Subliminal message left over from the debate???

  • http://www.politicalderby.com/ Jason Wright, Editor

    Wow, I miss “skinny Jason”.

    • Red State Eddio

      Ppffffffffffftt – Wait till you hit 40, my friend. You’re not just going downhill; you’re cascading at warp speed, especially from the waistline.

      • Gary Russell

        A sad, sad “amen” to that one, RSE.

  • JE

    But cigars are allowed in the oval office…

  • AWB

    It’s called an “Executive Order.” I have a bad feeling we’ve all heard of those! :-)

  • http://www.sotr.us Cordeiro

    Since it’s illegal to smoke within roughly ten miles of a federal building, I wonder where Barry will light up if we’re unfortunate enough to have him in the Oval.