This is your problem Republicans. I can’t help you much since I forsook you four years ago and don’t plan on returning. All indications are that Barack Obama will be the next President. McCain’s numbers are down, Palin did well in the debate, but not well enough to inspire those not already committed to the ticket, and his campaign just ceded Michigan to Obama. Yes, it looks like McCain’s run for the Presidency is all but over. Without an “October Surprise” of his own, McCain is done. So where does the GOP go from here? If McCain loses, who’s your go to guy (or gal?) for 2012? You should have a lot going for you by then. A Democratic controlled White House, Senate and House, should all but destroy Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness by 2012. The opportunity will be yours, but you will still need a strong, articulate, and experienced candidate. So who will it be?

Oh, I know many of you will rant and rave about why and how John McCain can still come from behind and win. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I get it. So when you are done ranting, play along and tell me, who are you going to rebuild your party around? My personal thoughts are – and I am suppressing a shiver as I type it – Mitt Romney. No, I don’t really like him for purely Libertarian reasons, but with the mess on Wall Street and in Congress, he’s looking ever more Presidential to me by the minute. In my opinion, if he were the nominee, it would already be over…well maybe not over, but at least he wouldn’t have ceded Michigan by now.