Talk about a tasty study:


Campaign platforms, voting records and media statements may all be typical tools that U.S. citizens use to help them determine whom to vote for in the 2008 presidential election. However, now Americans have one more tool to help them decide: the results of a new study conducted by Dr. Alan Hirsch, director of the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation, on behalf of Qdoba Mexican Grill, which analyzed the Q-dentities (food personalities) of the 2008 Republican and Democratic presidential and vice-presidential candidates. For example, perhaps knowing that Barack Obama is a Taco Salad or that John McCain is a Nachos personality will be the deciding factor in helping some Americans finalize their votes.

These candidates’ personality profiles are part of, a microsite developed to help people vote with their gut – literally. Site visitors are encouraged to take a short quiz to determine their Q-dentity, or food personality, and then asked to vote for a candidate and the most important issue facing the country. With that information, is able to compare votes with others from across the nation as well as in each individual state. For example, initial national results show:

· More Chips & Salsa personalities plan to vote for John McCain

· More Taco personalities plan to vote for Barack Obama

· More Quesadilla personalities are undecided regarding whom to vote for

· The economy is the biggest issue affecting Taste Bud Politics voters

At, voters can join a community of other like-minded “Food Constituencies” such as “Tacos for Obama” or “Burritos for McCain” via the site’s community page, which include links to Facebook and MySpace pages designed to bring constituents together. In addition, voters can link to YouTube where they can watch videos of other passionate voters gathered from the Democratic and Republic National Conventions where shirts proclaiming “Nachos for Obama” or “Taco Salads for McCain” and the like were handed out. Those interested in posting new videos can win a t-shirt with their specific “Food Constituency,” too.

Take your taste buds to and make your tastes heard. (tasted?)