Fair shake for Sarah?


Filed Under General on Oct 1 

How are we going to grade the performances tomorrow night? I’m wondering if we’re going to use “the measurement of Obama”.

I noticed that after the Presidential debate last Friday, there were many comments made here at PD as well as other sites, that Obama had won because he didn’t lose as badly as feared in the debate on foreign policy. The prevailing thought was that it was going to be a disaster, it didn’t turn out as bad as feared (although J-Mac did use him as a broom and sweep the stage a few times), therefore Obama “won” because he lost by less than feared. So how will the comparison with Sarah Palin be for tomorrow night?

She’s had 2 years as a governor – Biden has 36 as a US Senator. 

She has little foreign policy experience – Biden has decades worth.

She’s been in the national public spotlight for all of 4 weeks – he’s run for president numerous times, and campaigned in numerous states for numerous months.

She’s stumbled in a couple of interviews  – He’s…well, he’s Joe Biden. What do you expect? (OK, no advantage there)

By all accounts, he’s sharpening the “Thanksgiving Carver” and getting ready for a feast.

My point is, on the surface, this looks like a disaster in the making. So what if she “loses” by only a little? Or even a good bit? Is she the “winner” because she actually showed up and held her own in certain parts, while possibly losing in others? Using Democrat Logic, she stands a great chance of winning as long as she doesn’t lose too badly. That’s the measurement of Obama.