I wish I could say I’m surprised by today’s Drudge headline “VP Debate Moderator Releasing ‘Age of Obama’ Book On Inauguration Day”. I wish I could say I’m stunned by the obvious conflict of interest this presets for someone who claims to be an unbiased “moderator” to have such an obvious inclination toward a particular candidate.

But I’m not. This is, after all, the Age of the ObamaMedia. For them – with very few exceptions – the vote on November 4 is just a formality. The outcome is a forgone conclusion. Hope and Change are coming – personified by the Obamessiah and SlowJoe Biden.

The illusion of an unbiased Press has become so thin its as if the MSM doesn’t even bother to hide the fact they believe using every asset at their disposal to put Obama in the Oval Office is their duty as world citizens. No praise of Obama is too great, and no shot at McCain is too cheap as to not be used in this effort.

I have participated in contests where it was obvious as to whom the moderator/referee favored. Victory is still possible in those situations although it is made all the more difficult by having to beat not one but two opponents at the same time.

Having said that, I fully expect Stiletto Sarah Palin to clean the floor with SlowJoe Biden tomorrow night. SlowJoe hasn’t had an original thought in nearly three decades and his tendency to insert his foot to his mouth and chew on the kneecap is well documented. So I guess if with the SlowJoe handicap aided by obviously biased moderator it makes the odds even for Team Obama.

And before my left leaning readers start feigning outrage at my bluntness about “their” moderator, I’d like to ask one simple question: When was the last time you saw a Presidential Debate moderated by an unapologetic conservative moderator? Three points if you can name one moderated by a journalist who was set to release “Age of Reagan/Bush 41/Bush 43” before the debate even started.

Good luck.