So there were only three of us at the live blog tonight. (Thanks Kaiser for setting it up.) Where were the rest of you? Don’t tell me you’re putting personal lives before politics. 😉

We had a great time, and since we all agreed the debate was a little ho-hum, we ranged in topics from our age to Kaiser’s upcoming nuptials, to being liberal vs conservative, and even some text-messaging lingo. But it was also amusing to poke some fun at McCain’s smirking and Obama looking ticked for the first time, like ever. We almost wondered if either one was going to blow a fuse. (They seem slightly annoyed with each other).

I think I’m going to hand this one to McCain……but only by a little. He started out kinda rough (shall we say….vague?), but then came through with some great one-liners as well as some hard facts.

In your opinion, who won this round?