Stop the revolt?


Filed Under Races 2008 on Sep 26 

Barney Frank, that long-standing beacon of legislative power and insight is now telling us that the Republican members of Congress need to “drop the revolt” against the Bush bail out plan. Really? Drop the revolt? How about listen to what the other side has to say Mr. Frank. The GOP legislators are only responding to the American people, their constituents, the people they are supposed to represent and care about. Frank also was shocked at the “level of divisiveness” that surfaced in Thursday’s talks on the plan. I don’t know how Mr. Frank can be surprised, unless he is living under a rock, or not looking out his window, or on the internet, or the poll numbers or any news broadcast. Americans all over the country, from all political persuasions, are frustrated, and mad about this bail out, and they are letting their frustrations be known. I’m glad that some in Congress are standing up, and saying NO to the blank check plan offered by Hank Paulson and George Bush, and agreed to by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.

Other democrats are chiming in with indignation as well. Sen. Schumer of New York thinks Pres. Bush should tell John McCain to take a hike, because apparently he is “harming more than helping the process”. I guess his good buddy Obama is ok to stay though, is that right, Chuck? Never mind that one of them will be the next president, and really should be in the know on what eventually happens. Sen. Reid also is worried that the Congress will have to postpone their “long-sought adjournment” plans. Well I’m sorry Harry, but most Americans don’t get the sweet vacation time that you all in Congress do. Don’t expect any sympathy from regular people if you have to cut your long weekend short. We’re all worrying about how the bail out will affect our children and if we will have anything left in our retirement accounts by next Wednesday.

I don’t think it’s ever been part of the rules of Congress that GOP legislators have to be in lock step with their President. Sadly, they have picked a time that is too little, too late to stand up to Bush. I wonder had GOP legislators stood up to the President years ago would be in this mess now?