It’s too good to be true. 

It’s better than Christmas in July.

Better than pennies from heaven.

It’s Joe Biden opening his mouth and giving every Democrat cause for shudder, every Republican a moment to smile, and every media person another sorry example of their pathetic bias.

In an interview with Katie “I’m personally tanking CBS news all by myself, thank you very much” Couric, Joe Biden utters the following incomprehensible statement to make his point about something-or-other, which always gets lost in the mess he creates:

“When the stock market crashed, Franklin D. Roosevelt got on the television and didn’t just talk about the, you know, the princes of greed. He said, ‘Look, here’s what happened,’” Barack Obama’s running mate recently told the “CBS Evening News.”

Compelling statement, but for one simply detail: it wasn’t true.

FDR wasn’t president at that moment – nor for the next 1460 days.

But wait, it gets better! TV wasn’t even invented yet – not for another 3650 days.

My son is a 5th grader, and even he picked up on the error on that one. 

I feel a classic Dave Barry line coming on: “I am seriously not making this up.”

This is just too good to be true. Why oh why is the media camped outside of Sarah Palin’s doors, ready to pounce on her if a hair is out of place, when you’ve got JB handing out gold medal gaffes in spades just around the corner?

Oh mi gosh, how does he do it? I mean does he write this stuff while traveling that “long” train commute home from the Senate? Does he lay awake at night thinking up new ways to embarrass himself and humiliate the party?

How about this snippet during another part of the interview –

          Couric: “Do you have to be uber-careful about what you say?” 

          JB: “No. If I have to parse through every single thing  I have to say, then I’m not me.”

How absolutely true, Joe. Just spout off. Just believe in your argument. Don’t worry about details. We’re all behind you…laughing our tails off.

[Insert video from CBS here. Oh, you mean they did not highlight it at all, but buried it in the middle of the “exclusive” that Ms. Couric had with him? And they didn’t even put it on their front page video tabs and promos? How convenient, how obviously biased.]

Joe could do 1-handed handstands while juggling 3 chainsaws from a wire strung across Niagra Falls, and yet he still wouldn’t get covered. It’s because the media is trying to minimize his damage to the campaign when he opens his mouth, and so they avoid him like the plague. 

Here’s the comment.

Imagine, my liberal friends, if that was Sarah Palin saying that. What would the outcry be like? We certainly couldn’t laugh it off like some stupid college prank. She’d be villified, and you know it. But with Joe…we act like it’s ‘old hat’.

B-I-A-S. Pathetic.